How to Make Money as a Lash Artist

 At this point, you are probably already aware that lashing comes with a really nice income with it. Your lash business can definitely give you a steady flow of income and a great opportunity to be your own boss! It’s a great business opportunity that you can absolutely sustain. Of course, successfully booking clients will give you income – but did you know that there’s totally something more than just this? Here are some tips on how to make money as a lash artist.

Tip 1: Focus on growing your clientele and keep that consistent.

It’s important to continuously grow your client base. Once these clients become satisfied with your work, it’ll be natural for them to come back again for fills. Lash fills is where you make your money because loyal clients coming back for fills will bring consistent income. Have your clients come back for fills by making special promotional offers like loyalty programs/points, incentives, etc. This way, they will feel the need to come back to you every time they’ll get fills.

Tip 2: Start to upsell your existing clientele to build another income.

Apart from eyelash extensions, there are many other products and services you can offer while the client is in the process of getting her lashes done. Additional services such as lash baths can be something your client would want to try. You can also curate lash kits that would be very useful for the client to maintain her lash extensions. Just make sure that you recommend products that you really swear by because your credibility is at stake. Such offers are not just for the sake of making extra money, but are also about building rapport, in a way that you’d only offer additional products and services that you know your client would want or need.

Tip 3: Offer things that lash artists may be interested in, such as prints or custom items.

This is where you can get very creative! When you’re in the lash business, your products are not only limited to lash extension supplies. You can target both clients and lash techs through merch items that would pique their interests. One example would be printing cute lash-related graphics or quotes on T-Shirts that lash techs would totally relate to.

Tip 4: Create a training program where you can teach lash extensions to students.

Another great way to get your lash business earning is through training students. If you’re a professional lash artist with vast experience in the field and you’re confident that you’re capable of teaching students, then hosting training programs can be an option for you. Not all types of trainings require certificates such as refreshers. You can just go for simple course refreshers focusing on a particular lashing aspect (classics, volumes, mapping, etc..)

Considering our current situation now with the pandemic, hosting group trainings may be a bit difficult. But you can consider doing trainings in small groups, one-on-one or even virtual!

Tip #5: Sell products related to professional lashing.

Products, products, products! This is one of the best ways to leverage your lash business and make it more profitable by selling lash products. This may not be for everyone and this would require thorough research and planning. But, if such an opportunity of creating a brand presents itself, then it’s also worth a try!

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