Reduce Your Retention Issues With One Simple Step

Eyelash Extension Supplies


Why waste our time by adding an extra step and having to add an extra cost to our budget by buying a primer for your clients? I’ll tell you why, because IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Adding in a lash primer to your kit can be the difference between 1-week retention vs 3-week retention or even the chance of your extension not adhering at all.

We’re going to keep this short a sweet for you. In a perfect world, clients would come to their lash appointments with freshly washed lashes, zero makeup ready to go! But that is far from the truth. In reality, clients don’t know much about lash extensions and its very reasonable for you to assume they have no idea how to retain them because let’s face it, there are SO many do’s and don’ts when it comes to lashes.

Before we jump down our client’s throats about them not taking care of their lashes, lets ask ourselves the question, did we START this appointment off right? And by that, I mean PRIMER. Primer is something I don’t hear much about and I feel it really gets thrown on the back burner. Like when people talk about priming their skin before makeup and say, “Its an unnecessary step”. Well, I am here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Going through lash training myself, we were given a lash primer and told to use it before you apply lashes, but I cannot tell you a time where I EVER heard the reason why.

Primer is such an essential step and let me tell you why. Our skin develops oils naturally as most of us know. But did you know, just like our hair on our head, our lashes can get oily too? I always hear people talk about their lashes being clean because they don’t wear makeup so how could their lashes get dirty. The truth is, majority of the clients I have that actually have build up on their lashes are actually the ones that go makeup free! See, they are less inclined to wash their faces on a regular basis as they supposedly don’t have anything to wash off. That is highly inaccurate. The cleansing your lashes story is for another blog, but I want to focus on the oils we have lingering on those lashes.

The alcohol in the primer strips the oils on the lashes and therefore allows the glue on the lash to adhere properly. While it may sound a little harsh, stripping the oils, the primer itself helps balance the PH levels in the lash and allows it to be as healthy as it was pre lashing. It may not sound like it does a whole lot but, believe it or not, this could be the reason your sets may not be retaining the way you hoped.
In conclusion, get yourself a primer ASAP, you’ll thank me later!