Things to have as a beginner lash tech

When you’re just starting as a lash tech, you may easily get overwhelmed with the list of things you need to equip yourself with. There are loads of professional eyelash extension supplies on the market these days and it can be difficult to spot which ones to start with.

We wanted to simplify it for our beginners out there and give you a list of the main items you need at this starting point of your lashing career. A lot of the things you see, like the gadgets and the pretty things can all be purchased later. Such tools definitely won’t make or break your lashing career. In this blog post, we’ll help you gear your lash supplies up as a beginner lash tech in the industry.

Ring light

Actually, any light that is bright enough to help you see those tiny hairs is okay. But it’s highly recommended to use a ring light for it evenly distributes the light. Most ring lights also have different LED settings that allow you to control brightness and tone. This makes a big difference, you don’t want to miss any of those lashes or start straining your eyes!

Lash bed

Out of all the lash supplies we have on his list, this may be the bulkiest. However, while it says “lash bed”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lash bed. For starters, you can just go for a chair or a bed of some sort for your clients to sit or lay down. In my own experience, I used a zero gravity lawn chair for at least a year before I could afford to upgrade and that’s ok! As long as you have something comfortable for your clients to lay on, this should work!


Of course, a huge part of your professional eyelash extensions supplies is the eyelash extensions themselves! BUT what you don’t need is an entire line of lashes from 9mm-18mm in lengths. You can start with 3-4 trays of single lengths or start experimenting with mixed trays. Once you get to the point where you’re buying too many mixed trays, it’s time to start grabbing those single lengths. Don’t jump the gun and get too many at first because you may end up having some that would just collect dust because you don’t use them.


Adhesive is the most important thing you need. You need to do the most research on this – from the retention to ingredients. Some glues may be too strong, so make sure you get a latex free glue that doesn’t have high fumes. Additionally, getting a glue that fits your hand speed as well as your climate is crucial. Sometimes, this may take some trial and error to see what works for you, but it’s well worth it. Invest in a high quality latex free glue.


If you’re applying lashes, you need to be able to take them off too. This goes hand in hand with your latex free glue! Get yourself an easy-to-use remover that works well with your style, may it be gel or cream. Whatever your preference is, grab it!


Tape is so underrated as an essential. But the truth is, tape is your best friend and you NEED it! It’s so versatile that it has many different uses for a set – taping bottom lashes, taping top lashes for layering, taping the lid in different directions to see the lashes better or even taping your jade stone so you don’t have to soak it in acetone later. It’s a multipurpose product and you need to have that on hand.


This one is needed but yet optional. It’s all about personal preference because some were trained with them, some without them. Some train with tape instead and at that point, it’s a nice extra. It’s good to have these in your lash supplies especially in the beginning if you’re not used to taping yet because the pads can save you in a situation.

Mannequin Head

Practice at your own pace – anytime, anywhere! This is why we believe a mannequin head is essential. Most lash techs had to only practice on people as part of their training no matter how bad it was. A mannequin head will lift you from the pressure of making a person upset. No need to bug your friend or wait for a client just for you to practice your lashing skills. This is a beginner’s staple!

Jade Stone / Glue rings

As for these two, you don’t really need both to start. You just need 1 and that’s totally up to you on which one. It’s a personal choice but either of them is definitely essential. Because where else are you supposed to put your glue?


Just like the jade stone and glue rings, you can just choose one between a primer and cleanser. No need to have both. Most lash artists have both because you can apply primer and cleanse but in terms of necessities, you could always stick with just a primer. You need to make sure you’re cleaning your clients’ lashes in some way to create that clean base. If you think your primer is not enough, then you can always add a cleanser.

Micro Swabs

A lot of starting lash artists tend to pass on micro swabs as a part of their lash supplies. This is how you apply your remover and how you can slide the lashes off more efficiently. Also, you need these to apply your primer properly from root to tip.

Mascara Wands

Point blank – a set is not complete until you brush it out. You need to make sure your lashes are not stuck together and if you brush and they tug, this only means that you did something wrong. So you need to be thorough in brushing your lashes and keeping them separated all the time. This is why mascara wands are very essential.

This may or may not seem like a lot of items but from a professional lash tech’s perspective, there are A LOT more you could get. These are just your basics. Most of the time, these lash supplies are included in your training.  Don’t be overwhelmed by all the tools and products you see out there! You can create the most beautiful sets with the bare minimum. Once you start experimenting and getting into the grove of your own style, you can always expand your professional eyelash extension supplies.

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