Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Eyelash Extension Business

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Eyelash extensions have been greatly in demand for the past couple of years. It’s simply one of the best ways to visibly beautify one’s look without going through the extremes and this is why getting into the eyelash extension business is absolutely exciting! If you have finally decided to take the path of being a lash tech, there are things you need to know first prior to hopping onto this beautiful business venture.

You need certification to be a Lash Tech

The core of your eyelash extension business would be your skill and training. In order to successfully run your business, you would, of course, need a certification. Make sure that you do proper research when choosing an institution that’ll certify you. It should have the credibility of teaching their trainees the best techniques. Ideally, they should have at least 2 to 3 years of experience in the field.

It takes a lot of Patience and Commitment

Just like any other business venture, it simply won’t work if your heart is not into it. If you are a beauty enthusiast, you’ll find being a lash tech a great side hustle. However, the process requires accuracy for it to be carried out properly. This means you need patience as it’s something that takes time to get the hang of. But hey, don’t get discouraged! Giving eyelash extensions is definitely a rewarding experience for you and the client alike so you just have to keep going.

The Eyelash Extension Industry is a competitive field

Many have been tossing their falsies and mascaras off the bin ever since they got into eyelash extensions. As the demand for the service goes higher, more and more people are getting into the eyelash extension industry. Clients will not start pouring in at first so it will take a mix of lashing and marketing for you to get yourself in the game. Check out our previous blog post where we share our marketing tips!

Find the best source for your lash equipment

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There’s no use being the best lash tech in the field if you’re not fully equipped with the best products. Note that your lash kits and tools are a part of your investment. This doesn’t mean each item should cost a fortune for it to be of top quality! It’s ideal to research brands that have a vast experience in the field as the experts behind them would know what works most efficiently for lash technicians. 

Quality is Key

The huge amount of time spent on completing a set can be a bit discouraging for new lash techs. Just like what we mentioned earlier, it’s all about patience and commitment. What you need to focus on is quality because when it comes to lashing, quality weighs more than time. Just keep on practicing and do it in isolation. Also, classics is where you need to start so try not to pick a course that covers both classics and volumes. It can be confusing and you need to build the fundamentals first.