Tips on Increasing Retention for Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes are meant to be dramatic and for that to be fully achieved, there will be a lot of lash fans involved. Now one of the most common problems lash techs face when it comes to volumes would be retention. There are things about volume sets that don’t necessarily apply to classics. So what works for increasing retention on classics will not always work for volumes. In this article, we’ll dive into 3 tips about volume eyelash extension retention.

Priming and Cleansing

Of course, it’s already a given that priming and cleansing are very important steps in lashing. But for volumes in particular, we just need to give it more emphasis. Since you will be using more lashes for volume sets, there’s a higher chance that the lashes won’t hold properly if you start off without thoroughly priming and cleansing. You need to make sure that the lashes are clean and oil-free so that the fans won’t slip. Priming and thorough cleansing will prevent you from messing up the lashes’ direction and placement.

Volume Fans Need a Friend

Volume fans are not meant to be alone. For your volumes to hold properly for a long time, it needs support from other fans. When you place a fan, you have to place another set of fans as close together as possible to act as a support system for each other. That way, the entire set will hold much better for a longer period of time.

Placement is always key

Placement is everything! Among all the tips we mentioned (while all are important), this is the most important one because this is where all the lashes will depend on. This is also why mastering classics first is quite ideal because that way, you’ll easily get a hang of perfecting your volume placement. Placing the lashes in the wrong direction, then you’ll weigh the natural down too much.

To have a clearer visual of how these tips work, here’s a video to check out!

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