Tips to Keep Your Lash Service Fresh

Lashing is mainly about the lash tech’s skills and just like many artistic professions, the key to perfection is continuous practice. Polishing your lashing skills is a great way to keep your lash service fresh. Regardless if you’re just new in the field of lashing or have been doing so for years, these tips would be helpful to prevent your skills from being rusty. After all, eyelash extensions are a form of art in which trends continuously evolve! For you to keep things new and exciting for your clients, here are some expert tips that will absolutely help keep your lash service fresh.

Broaden your experience

Of course, years of experience in the field of lashing adds value to your work. It is undeniably a huge advantage for you as a lash tech, but that doesn’t mean you should rely solely on your personal experiences. Shadow a fellow lash tech for new ideas because one great way to perfect your craft is to also learn from the experiences of your fellow professional lash technicians. Never keep yourself contained in a box by only sticking to what you already know. Lashing is a continuous learning process that will definitely lead you to explore things to make your lashing techniques even better!

Another way to broaden your experience is to consider taking a lash training refresher. “I’ve been lashing for only god knows how long, what’s the need for another lashing crash course?” – Well, it’s not an uncommon thought especially for those who have been in this field for many years. But a refresher can help you learn newer trends while also allowing you to regularly polish your lashing skills. If you’re still in the midst of deciding where you’ll take your refresher lessons, you may also opt for other learning alternatives like blogs and video tutorials.

Take it to the next level

Learning more will add value to you as a lash artist, especially if you keep yourself updated on the latest trends in eyelash extensions. Well, you don’t literally have to closely follow every trend but instead, take inspiration from them! This way, you’ll always get fresh ideas to make your lashing service a unique experience for your clients.

Keeping your service fresh also means having your clients involved in your journey. They would love to see you grow as a lash artist and if you’ll always do your best to satisfy their lash needs, they will continue to support your business when you give them more knowledge.

Trying new supplies to work with new techniques

Along with your lashing skills would be an amazing set of lash equipment to allow you to work in full efficiency. Here in Canada, you can find top-quality Toronto lash supplies that will surely cater to your lashing needs. New and top-tier lash supplies will allow you to further tailor your sets for each of your clients. Trying new products will allow you to use different products for different clients with different lashes.

For instance, new tweezers will force you to expand your knowledge on techniques as many tweezers are meant to be used differently. With new tools, you can try new techniques to create different curls for different style sets. Trying different lengths can also add a unique spin to your sets that you can master!

Better Lash Service will Help Generate More Revenue

As the quality of your work and equipment visibly increases, you can of course gradually increase your rates to match the premium service you provide. As you learn and grow, you will of course add value to your business and can offer more options to your valued clients.

Growing allows you to teach your clients more therefore building better relationships and having loyal clients. With these tips in mind, you can build a sustainable business that will not only bring you more revenue, but also strengthen your credentials as a professional lash tech.