Why is lash isolation needed?

Isolating every single lash can be challenging as it definitely needs focus and concentration. Some choose to skip it for the sake of extra volumes but this would greatly compromise the outcome of the lashes!  So why is it necessary to get your lashes properly isolated? With no proper isolation, the lashes would surely weigh all your natural lashes down resulting in an unflattering droop. Not only does this look displeasing, but it will also be uncomfortable for the client as well.

That is why it is very important to carefully isolate your lashes. By using the top-tier eyelash extension supplies, isolation should be a breeze.

However, why is it beneficial to master the art of isolating? What sort of eyelash extension supplies can effectively help you provide proper isolation? In this blog post, you will see its main benefits and you will have a clearer understanding of its importance.

Isolation provides maximum comfort and safety

You surely wouldn’t want to make your client feel uncomfortable with their eyelash extensions on. Of course, it’s a given that there might be some weight to them especially if your client aims for glamorous volumes. However, without proper isolation, there’s a huge chance that the lash glue will get clumped between your client’s natural lashes and extensions. This would surely cause discomfort to her lids. Well, the only solution to avoid this is to practice isolating your lashes.

In addition, proper isolation allows your lashes to shed naturally. Each lash grows and sheds differently, so if you won’t isolate them, the shedding process would be premature and your natural lashes might get ruined.

Isolation prevents eyelash extensions from looking unnatural

Maintaining the natural look of the eyelash extensions can be quite tricky especially if we’re talking about volume sets. If you will not properly isolate your client’s lashes, they will surely stick together, and that would be unnatural and messy to look at.

Moreover, the wrong lash glue might worsen the look as it can get clumpy. That is why, in order to efficiently work on the isolation technique, it is always essential to choose the best eyelash extension glue as it can help your natural lashes to effectively bond with your extensions, making your lashes look very natural yet stylish. By applying these tips, you will avoid getting lash stickies and you will prevent the follicles from being hurt and damaged.

Isolation helps you control the style of your lashes

Not all of the natural lashes are perfectly straight and uniform. Each client has different styles, lengths, and directions of lashes. But in order for you to be in full control of the style and direction of the lash extensions, then proper isolation is the key.

Isolating your lashes allows you to create your preferred lash style and design. It will also help you choose the correct size and shape of extension lash you will need for your natural lashes and will prevent you from messing up the overall design of your lashes.

Isolation evens out the weight of the lashes

Lashes may tend to get cramped up especially when you’re working on volumes so the key is to even them out properly to look more neat and stylish. Proper isolation will surely help to even out the weight and will make every volume lashes look attractively gorgeous. 

Isolation requires loads of practice to perfect your volumes

Volume lashes require more skill so it’s quite important that you do a lot of practice first before jumping from the classics to volumes. Continuous practice will surely help you gain a lot of experience and skills. Along with regularly practicing isolation, you will need the best lash extension supplies so you can precisely isolate each lash. Using good isolation tweezers, you can efficiently create finer fans with greater ease.  The correct lash extension supplies allow you to properly fix and isolate even the most difficult types of lashes like curly lashes and lashes going astray.