3 Career Tips on Becoming a Lash Tech

becoming a lash tech

So you’ve hopped into this new beauty venture of becoming an Eyelash Extension Technician and you sure have invested time, money and effort to get certified. Now that you’re done with the first few steps, what’s next?

Being a certified lash tech doesn’t instantly bring clients all lined up at the door. Well, unless you have a massive influence ala Kylie Jenner, then launching something won’t even break a sweat. But then again, for us lash techs that are starting small, we need a few more things to gear us up in the eyelash extension business scene. Note that you are now working on building a business and growing a client list so even if this is something you want to do part time, this is something you really HAVE to work on.

Setup your Social Media Business Account

Now here’s what to do next - get your social media game on!

If you went to a good educator to get certified, you should have all the supplies you need to get started. Of course you’ll naturally think about how to get chunks of your investment back but do not make the mistake of overcharging! Weigh things over first, and while you do that, start building your social media presence. Create a business account on Instagram and start letting people know you will be offering a lash extension services soon. Get them hooked, make your potential clients excited! Thinking about how to do this? Let’s dive into the next step.

Give Lash Extension Makeovers to build your Portfolio

To boost engagement on your Instagram account, you need to start posting something. However, random posts that are completely irrelevant to your craft won’t do the trick. What’s worse is that these posts may even drive potential clients away! 

Building your Instagram business account would mean posting photos to fill your portfolio. You may opt to start looking for models who are willing to try your services for free in exchange for having them star in your IG account. Note that these don’t have to be professional models! Actually, you can even invite your family and friends to try your lash extension services! Think of it as an X-deal you make people happy by giving them your service for free, all while polishing your skills by practicing as well. Don’t think you’re doing this for free. You are doing this for the payment of pictures. I say that because, if you are not okay with doing work that has no monetary value, you’ll end up at the losing end.

Make wise offers to kickstart your lash extension business

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From my personal experience in the eyelash extension industry, I have to say that I owe a lot my progress to free work. I went full force and put myself out there showing people I was looking for models and willing to do it for free. Now, I’m not saying to blast an ad saying you’re working for free. After all, you are starting a business and still making a name for yourself. However, it’s wise to think of it as an investment. If you’re looking for models who’ll want to try your services, do it tastefully. It’s not like you’re doing them a favor or vise versa it should still be professional business.

As for the photos, there are many free editing apps out there where you can create simple, visually appealing posts that will start off a nice theme for your name. Another great way to get followers and models is to set up giveaways! Hosting a giveaway from time to time should boost your social media presence.

Becoming a great lash tech takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. My biggest advice to getting where you want to be as a lash tech is to constantly keep your hands moving. Create as many sets as you can and always remember there is a bigger picture.

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