3 Mistakes Beginner Lash Techs Make

Whether you’re a beginner or not in the field of lashing, making mistakes is quite inevitable. However, there are types of mistakes that you can definitely avoid right now as a beginner lash tech! You don’t even need to go through the struggle of making these mistakes before you actually learn because we’ll reveal 3 of the most common ones right here. Here are mistakes you need to avoid and how to avoid them.

Lashes Getting Stuck on Pads

Now that you’re done with your set and it all looks perfect – but then your client starts to open their eyes and the lashes get stuck! This can be confusing for beginner lash techs. So why does this happen? The main problem here is that you’re putting too much pressure on the extension while laying it on the natural lash. The lash would bend down when too much force is applied, hence causing the root of the extension to get stuck.

How to do it right: Slightly lay the extension on the natural lash. Carefully apply the extensions with a light hand to prevent the lashes from getting stuck on the pads. Before having your clients open their eyes, run your tweezers along the lash line to check if there are no lashes stuck on the pad.

Placing your pads too low

When the lash extensions get stuck to the bottom lashes, then this is because you placed your pads too low. Most of the time, you’ll only find out that you made this mistake when it’s time for your client to open their eyes (which they will struggle to do).

How to do it right: One quick fix for this is to take your pads or tape and shift it up a bit. One sign that your pad is too low is when part of the skin shows too much underneath the pad. However, you also have to note that moving it too high can also cause problems too because once the pad is too high, it’ll touch your client’s eyes and cause redness or bruising.

Lash sets not turning out similar to how it looks like on the chart

This happens when you just finished completing a set and they look great, but when the client opens their eyes, you’ll notice how the lashes go in different directions! This can definitely be a horrendous sight and for sure, you’ll spend another hour just trying to correct this. Good thing, this can easily be avoided.

How to do it right: Invest in a great lash mirror. Choose a lash mirror that’s big enough for you to see if every lash is placed properly. Our half moon lash mirror features a curved shape that’s perfect for you to see every detail with ease.

Watch this video to get a clearer visual on how these quick fixes are done!

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