3 Things to consider before becoming a lash artist

Lash artistry can be very rewarding if your dedication is in it. But just like any other creative profession, it also demands a lot of things. Some would think that being a lash artist is just a walk in the park but, being a lash artist is more than just putting eyelash extensions. In fact, there are very important things you should consider before stepping into this profession. If you’re thinking of becoming a lash artist, here are 3 things you really need to know.

Running a Lash Business requires a lot of time

The first thing you’d like to ask yourself is: “Am I willing to dedicate a huge chunk of my time for lashing?”. Whether you choose this as a full-time job or a side job, being a lash artist will require much of your time. It is important to give yourself a realistic goal of how much money you intend to make, as well as how much time you are willing to dedicate to your lash business. Of course, the entire learning process, having yourself certified, and setting up your space will already take so much of your time. But in addition to all of these, your marketing strategy of getting consistent clients would surely eat most of your time.

You’ll need to work on your marketing, practicing and drawing clients to make your lash business thrive. Having a steady flow of clients will take some time but, don’t be disheartened! Once you’re sincerely willing to put your time and focus to reach your reasonable goals, you will surely grow your lash business amazingly!

Are you in this for the long run or just the money?

There are a lot of other side businesses you can start that may not take up as much time and money as lashing. So if you’re considering diving into the lashing business, then you have to know that you really have to be committed. That being said, you will definitely not see an income right away. It can be compared with other businesses where the first few months will be more of like shedding money on your part. But with lashing, it will really take some time to feel the money coming in. It’s because it will require you to invest in a couple of necessities like lash certification and eyelash extension supplies.

This is why it’s important that you make the most of your investment so that it will bring you profit in the long run. One example would be purchasing cost-efficient eyelash extension supplies. You can find some lash extension supplies here in Toronto or online here.

You need to understand that there will be money put out in the beginning. And this will only come back to you based on much time and how hard you work. It’s not realistic to expect a lineup of clients at your door and the sooner you accept that, the faster you can change it!

Lashing demands Patience

Along with time and commitment, you also need to have loads and loads of patience. Being a lash artist can be very demanding in many different aspects, especially on the craft itself. To be honest, lashing isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the patience, then you surely won’t last in this field. There are a lot of times when you end up realizing that after you spend a ton of money on training and end up wasting your time and money on something that just isn’t for you. It’ll be difficult to carry on with lashing if you don’t have the patience to go through these setbacks. With all the time, money and effort spent on being a lash artist, it’s easy to get frustrated. But if your heart is really into this craft, you won’t give up! In the beginning, you may experience working on sets for 4 to 5 hours! It may shock you at first, as not many training programs actually mention this. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is a possibility and it’s totally normal.

Overall, persistence is key with lashing and once you can get over that hill of uncertainty, you can be great!

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