3 Tips to Make your Fans Better

Creating gorgeous fans is one of the main keys to perfecting your lash sets. It may seem like a simple process but, believe it or not – a lot of lash artists struggle with this! The way the lash strands bloom will determine how the entire set would look like so it’s important to do it properly.

It’s still a common question among lash techs how to make their lash fans better. It can be very bewildering how your fans keep on closing! Could it be your glue, technique, or other eyelash extension supplies? In this article, we’ll help you figure this out.

“Know” your Tweezers

Well, first of all, you have to make sure that you have the right tweezers. Opting for high-quality tweezers is sure worth your investment as it assures convenience and quality. In choosing the right tweezers, you can do a little test. With a steady grip, squeeze them together and see if there’s a gap in between the tips. A good pair of tweezers shouldn’t have this gap otherwise, it won’t work at all and your lashes won’t hold at all. Take note that a pair of high-quality tweezers doesn’t always have to be expensive!

Now that you’ve got a great pair of tweezers, it’s time that you “get to know it”. How? You just have to find your tweezers’ sweet spot. Its sweet spot is the area where the lashes would fan out perfectly. Every pair of tweezers has a different sweet spot so you need to test each of them out to see which one works for you.

Consider your eyelash extension glue usage

The eyelash extension glue you’re using plays a huge role in making your fans better. First, you have to make sure that you’re using the best eyelash extension glue that has a strong bond and high retention. This way, you won’t end up dipping too much just to get the adherence you need. There are lash glues that have very strong fumes that may be very uncomfortable for your client. So, you may also want to consider going for an eyelash extension glue with very low fumes.

Second, you have to use the right amount of glue. If you didn’t use too much, then the lashes won’t adhere at all. But if you dip it too much, then it’ll definitely close your fans. This is where your continuous lashing practice should help. Because you’ll surely figure out the right amount of glue to use when you get a hang of it.

Master the technique that works for you

There are two methods or techniques that you can do to create gorgeous-looking fans: the Pinch Method and the Shimmy Method.

The Pinch method works by picking up the lashes at the right spot then slightly putting pressure on your tweezers. Then, you’ll carry on with pinching the base of the lashes for them to bloom. While this is a method that works for many, we personally recommend the Shimmy method more. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the shimmy method. In a nutshell, shimmying is also about finding the right spot where you’ll lift. Shimmying too high will close the fans.

So whether you choose to go for the pinch method or shimmy method, the point is you have to continue practicing the technique that works for you. Master it and stick with it!

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