5 Mistakes Lash Techs Make

Making mistakes is always a part of the learning process of a lash artist. It’s inevitable, but only up to a certain point. The fact is, you can also avoid making these mistakes in the early stage of being a lash artist! How? Well, keep on reading this blog post so that you don’t have to go through the headache of making these awful mistakes. You’ll be surprised at how some of them can be such a norm for many lash artists!

Using the Wrong Length

This may sound like an obvious mistake that every lash tech should know about. But, you’ll be surprised at how this is done so much! It’s because working with lengths can actually be trickier than how it seems to be. So to make sure you don’t use the wrong length, always remember that a lash set should never be 1 length all throughout. There should never be long lengths (14mm and up) on the inner corners. While there are clients that have super long or super strong lashes that can handle long lengths, it’s still very rare.

Not Customizing the Sets

Lash sets are never a one-size-fits-all thing. Many lash techs tend to do the same set over and over again – and that’s not okay! Every client has different preferences so if you’ll carry on with the same set every single time, you won’t be catering to their specific needs. It’s very important to take their interests in mind. This means making sure that you properly evaluate your client’s lashes first.

Treating Every Client the Same

The principle of the previous subtopic we just covered applies to this one similarly – every client is different. Not just their eyes, but also their skin and hair type! Treating everyone the same way can be the worst thing you can do! Doing so means only prepping your client as THEY need it. This can totally bring a lot of problems as you go through the lashing process. So to avoid this from happening, determine first if your client has dry or oily skin. This will allow you to know what best suits her skin.

Taping Wrong

Some of us were taught that we only need to make sure that all of the lashes at the bottom were taped down so you don’t get them stuck. But if not done properly, this is where it may all go downhill! When you tape too close to the waterline, you risk the pad or tape getting in the eye of your client and this will cause irritation. Also, if you tape too close, there’s also a chance that you’ll accidentally hide some of the top lashes right on the inner and outer corner. You wouldn’t want this! So it’s important to learn how to correct your taping at an early stage because this will change your sets dramatically!

Time Over Quality

Are you worried about your lashing session taking hours and hours to finish? Then you must be thinking of just wrapping up the session as quickly as possible to prevent upsetting your client! Well, this is something all of us lash artists go through BUT the mistake of focusing too much on your speed rather than quality is a huge mistake. Time should never be your concern. After all, lashing is a very intricate procedure that requires a lot of time. Focus on quality, isolation and placement, and make sure you let your client know that this will take time. As a beginner, it’s normal to spend more hours on lashing for this is a crucial time where you grow as an artist. As time goes by, you will surely pick up the right techniques that work for you in terms of increasing your lash speed without compromising quality. So don’t give into time pressure!

Here's a video you should watch if you want to hear more personal experiences from a lash artist!
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