5 Tips on How to Work on Lashing Clients with Oily Skin

Some people who have oily skin tend to stay away from getting eyelash extensions. One common reason is that they thought the lashes won’t even adhere due to the oil. However, this is totally just a misconception! We have clients with oily lids who enjoyed their gorgeous lashes for quite a nice amount of time! Working on the eyelash extensions of clients with oily skin is definitely doable. You just need to do a couple of more steps to make it work.

Working on clients with oily lids can be very tricky. Lashing on clients with oily skin is very different and can’t be treated as how you would treat other clients with dry or normal skin types. Here are 5 tips you need to know!

#1 Clean Lashes Properly

Give your client’s lashes and lids a nice clean wipe. A common mistake done by some lash artists is that they only focus on the lashes itself and not pay too much attention to the lids. However, it’s important to thoroughly wipe the lids because oil sits right there too! Clean, oil-free lids will prevent oil from seeping its way to the lash extensions as this can sorely affect retention.

To do so, use an oil-free makeup remover or wipes to clean the lids. Facial cleansers also work well as long as it’s something that can fully remove dirt and oil from the lash and lids.

#2 Determine How Oily Your Client is

Does your client have oily skin or excessively oily skin? Yes, some clients may feel like their skin is oily due to some sheen. But there are also clients who are just oily all over – and this also requires extra steps for you, the lash artist, and the client as well. Clients with excessively oily skin will surely be aware of this since it’s something they deal with on a daily basis. So it’s important that you ask them about it. Don’t hesitate to ask and just be honest about it because, at the end of the day, the client will benefit the most if you have the right info about her skin type.

In such a case, you’ll definitely need to give your client a lash bath and a primer. Doing both can help control the oil from affecting the retention of the lash extensions.

#3 Always Recommend Daily Cleansing to Your Client

This is something many of our clients tend to overlook all the time! Well, this also depends on the individual – on whether she wears makeup all the time, has oily skin, is always outdoors, and a lot more. There are many factors to consider but, if we’re dealing with a client with oily skin, cleansing her lashes daily is a must. You may recommend using micellar water or facial cleanser for your client as this will prevent the fans from closing and to maintain retention.

Another thing worth mentioning to your clients is that dirt usually builds up and hides in the inner corners of the eyes so make sure they pay attention to that. In addition, lashes in the inner corners tend to fall off faster so there’s really a need to pay extra attention to the inner corners too.

#4 Keep Blotting Papers Handy

Blotting papers help absorb excess oil anytime, anywhere. This mostly applies to clients who are mostly active outdoors and during summer. Sometimes, oil shows up faster on the lids compared to the rest of the face and this is why blotting is needed to prevent the oil from making its way through the lashes. This way, the lash extensions will maintain their retention.

#5 Make Sure Your Clients Avoid Oil-Based Products

Tell your client to avoid oil at all costs! Some may think they only need to avoid oil-based products that are used around the eye area like eye serums, oily cream eyeshadows, etc. However, even oil products you use for your hair and face will also affect your lashes! Oily products will get absorbed by your skin and it will surely compromise your lashes. These oils will break the bond of your lashes, causing premature falling. It can also close the fans of your lashes which will totally kill your volume. Nobody wants that! So make sure you stress this one to your client – no oils at all costs!

We hope these tips helped! If you’d like to know more from a lash artist’s personal experiences, go check this video out below:

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