A Quick Guide to Lash Mapping

One of the first techniques a lash tech should learn when it comes to eyelash extensions is lash mapping. It’s a very vital step wherein it allows the lash tech to determine the placement of each lash to ensure that the lashes would turn out perfectly as how the client would want it. In a way, it’s pretty much like the architecture plan of the lashes before permanently placing them on.

How is Lash Mapping important to you as a Lash Tech?

Every set of lashes should provide volume and length to the natural lash. By planning and mapping out certain lash styles, you will be able to enhance the lashes and eyes even more. This will of course increase the satisfaction of your clients as well!

Lash Mapping is truly a great technique to use, as it allows you to create a look that is completely bespoke to your client.

Things you need for Lash Mapping

Of course, you will definitely need to equip yourself with the best tools in order to carry out the technique well. Here are the basics you need to prepare for lash mapping.

  • Colored pen – preferably red, or basically any color that’s contrasting to the lashes. This will help you map the lashes with more accuracy. It’s much better if you can go for a good quality pen that does not easily smear.
  • Gel pads – this is where you’ll do the lash mapping. Great quality gel pads aren’t too smooth or glossy so that it can allow you to easily write on it. This will be placed right under the lower lashes.
  • Various eyelash extensions – a variety of eyelash extension lengths is quite ideal in lash mapping. Along with the length variety, it’s also very important that you stick to professional-grade lashes to make sure you get the best results for your client. Here in Canada, there are brands created by expert lash technicians that you should check out if you’re looking for Toronto lash supplies.

This is optional, but a lash chart can also be a game-changer for you. This chart can be beneficial for both you and your client as you can have a more visual idea of how the lashes would look like.

Types of Sets

The type of lash set should depend on your client’s eye shape and preferred style. It’s very important to know which ones would suit your client’s features best to ensure high satisfaction with the end result. Here, we will cover two types of sets that you can create when lash mapping – clean sets and wispy sets.

Clean Set – this is deemed as the most common set. Under clean set are cat eye and doll eye, which both come in gradual lengths. The length of the lashes for this set goes from short to long as the lashes reach the outer corners. Clean sets usually involve 3-4 different lengths and it is mostly done with the same curl and weight for a more consistent, natural look.

Wispy Set – this set can also sport the cat eye or doll eye look. However, its difference is that wispy sets have altering lengths, ranging to about 3 to 6 different lengths of lashes to create a more dramatic look. The longer lashes are used in alternate, mostly placed by the center to the arch of the brow bone, to create spikes. To map out a wispy set, you can also use multiple curls and lengths to create more texture and definition to the eyes. Longer lengths should be added first to map the skeleton of the set.

Increasing client satisfaction with efficient lash mapping

While there are types of sets to refer to, always remember that every client has different features and preferences. There are certain eye shapes and features that would look quite different on every client. True enough, just like any other style, it’s never a one-size-fits-all thing. Lash mapping is definitely a great way to create an eyelash extension set that’s made specifically for your client. It gives a more luxurious, tailored feel – just like couture!

Of course, it’s always nice to talk to your client and know her personal preferences. However, as a professional lash tech, you should also be transparent to your client if there are certain styles she’d like that you know won’t fit her. Just be polite about it and use proper recommendations from your professional point of view. Remember, the goal of eyelash extensions is not to change the entire look of your client, but enhance her best features.

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