A Quick Marketing Guide for your Lash Extensions Business

Lash Extension Supplies Toronto

You’ve got everything ready – from your extensive lash extension training to your top-tier equipment! Now the question is, how do you get clients in this vast sea of lash businesses? It’s true that one of the hardest things about having a lash business is actually getting business. One can have all the sophisticated resources to establish a lash extensions store but marketing it to potential partners and clients is a vital instrument to make things work. It’s a slow process that truly requires time and effort!

When I started my lash journey, I would never have imagined how hard it would be to get clients, let alone consistent ones. I’m hoping to make things a tad easier for my fellow lash techs in the business so here are some of the marketing tips I’d like to share to increase our reach and really get our name out there.

Introduce your Lash Extension Business by preparing your Professional Business Cards

In today’s digital world, many people tend to overlook the significant function of business cards. While it’s also efficient to market through the internet, nothing beats the professional impact of handing out neat, well-designed business cards to potential customers. If you don’t have your business card yet, get one ASAP. Handing out business cards can get you a nice handful of inquiries.

When we’re happy with a certain product or service we got, don’t we all love sharing them with our family and friends? Giving your clients business cards aid in this principle for this is an effective way for them to make referrals. All they have to do is pass your business card!

Optimize the power of Social Media

Social media isn’t just for sharing photos. It is literally the shopping centre for lash extensions and we’re going to need more than just posting photos to really get our lash extension business in the game.

Let’s talk about the amazon of lash techs – Instagram!

Lash Extension Supplies Toronto

A business’ Instagram page says a lot about the brand so we need to make sure our IG reflects our work the best way in just one glance! I’ve been marketing on Instagram for 3 years and initially was a trial and error experience for me. Now that I’ve found the best approach to market my lash business, I’d like to share some with you:

  • Think of it as your portfolio. Let it be a space where you showcase your best work! This is where investing in taking nice photos should come in useful.
  • Pick a theme that helps boost your viewers’ interest. Nobody wants to scroll through a messy feed, right? In my personal experience, I went for a clean and classic look with a slightly modern twist. I use the timeless black and white theme with some blue accents since I find this minimalist structure easy to tweak. This really helped create a consistent flow with my posts.
  • Use it to share your client’s posts. Sharing your client’s posts is a MUST for this serves as true testimony to your work.
  • Be consistent in posting. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing but what I meant by ‘consistent’ is by posting often enough to keep the viewers engaged. Giving them some tips and tricks about lash extensions as well as aftercare tips will also help trigger engagement.

One thing I don’t recommend is making your Instagram page all about ‘pretty images’ just for the sake of making your feed look perfect. Sadly, many lash technicians do this. But the thing is, it can make your IG and your brand look artificial – nobody wants that. We have to get out of the social media state of mind where things have to be colour coated and look like a tumblr feed.

Instagram for a lash tech needs to be positioned differently. It needs to be insightful and you need to put your best work forward while giving people a reason to pick you. It’s basically your sales pitch so make it count! 

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