all about flat classic lashes

What're flat lashes? Using the 1:1 natural eyelash:one extension. They are a great way to add volume, length, and thickness to your natural lashes. 

The procedure is surprisingly affordable and lasts for up to five weeks. In this blog, we'll discuss everything you need to know about flat lash extensions and why they may be perfect for you and/or your clients!

What's the difference between standard classics and flat lashes?

The main difference between classic and flat lashes is their shape. Traditional classic lash bases are circular, while the base of a flat lash tends to be more oval in appearance. This means that even if we put both types on with equal weight, they'll look different: flats will give you an eyeliner effect (think wispy), whereas classics create quite a natural-looking subtlety when applied correctly.

Another difference between flat and classic lashes is the weight. Flat lashes are lighter than conventional ones. Thus, 0.15mm flat lashes will feel like a conventional lash extension and offer the width of a thicker and heavier set. The weightless quality makes them ideal for clients who have thin or short natural lashes because they won't cause damage to their existing eyelashes while still adding length and volume.


Flat lash extensions are a unique type of lash that requires specific application techniques with only a tiny amount of glue. They should be applied to the top or bottom, not at the sides like conventional lashes, since they have an unusual base shape.

The base should be placed on the top or bottom of the natural lash as this is where there will be a more significant point of adhesion. This prevents twisting and ensures that your extensions stay in place without slipping off.

adhesive pick up

With the flat lashes and having a more extensive base, it's easy to lose control of how much adhesive gets picked up. If you dip too quickly, lashes will be stuck together due to excess glue. The best way is by inserting it into the middle of an adhesive dot; come out slowly, so fewer adhesives are grabbed onto each lash extension (if humidity levels are higher than usual).

more customisable look

Lash artists face a common problem when their clients with short and thin lashes express the desire for thick, bold lash lines. Their natural eyelashes can't hold the look they're going for on their own.

Ellipse extensions are designed to solve this issue. Due to how flat it is compared to other kinds of lash extensions, which makes them wider without adding any extra weight that will create darkness in your lash line like normal classic ones cannot do alone.

more texture

By adding in flat lash extensions, you can add texture to your set. You could sprinkle some longer lashes into a classic set for more depth or break up the volume of fluff with definition by sprinkling them onto a volumizing mascara.

In addition to the benefits listed, flat lash extensions offer a solution for those who have short or thin lashes. Flat lash extensions are lightweight, need little adhesive, and create a darker, more dramatic look.

better retention

To get the best lash extensions, you need to use a base that's wide enough for good retention. Flat lashes have an extra-wide band that ensures your clients' natural lashes are fully covered.

There is more surface area between them, so they stick together better, resulting in longer-lasting eyelash extensions. Many people report increased length of wear when using these flat bands because it creates such a strong bond with the client's original lash line.