All about Russian Volume Lashes


One of the hottest trends in lashes is Russian volume lashes. You may have seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevigne wearing these dramatic, long-lasting lashes on Instagram or at events. If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, but don't want to spend hours applying individual false eyelashes every day, then this blog post is for you! Russian volume lashes are easy to use and give your eyes an instant boost!

What are Russian Volume Lashes

The term "lash artistry" refers to the work of skilled Russian lash technicians, who are
famous for their highly meticulous hand-craftsmanship. These Russian artists began
manually producing eyelash extension fans out of 2,3,4 or 5 thin mink lashes and applying
them at the base of each natural lash when the rest of the world was doing classic lashes.
The hairs on these falsies are made from the same substance as natural lashes, but they're
far thinner. Your lash technician can apply more than one to each natural lash because they
are considerably thinner. Russian Lashes are typically applied in a fan-like manner, giving
the illusion of greater Volume. Russian Volume Lashes are lightweight and can last twice as
long as classic lashes.

Benefits of Russian Volume Lashes

3D Volume is a type of lash extension in which the lash artist makes each fan of two or more
lashes during the service — you'll make each fan of two or more lashes before attaching the
fan of lashes to a natural eyelash. The greatest advantage to this approach is that it allows
you to provide your clients with really full and high Volume sets, even for those with sparse
natural lashes.

Ideal For Any Type of Eyelash

Everyone has thinned-out lashes on their eyes. Even if your eyelashes are long and curled,
you may fill in the gaps between them with Russian Volume. Creating a fluffy and softer
appearance to the lashes will help you achieve a fuller, more distinct natural look, resulting in
a more radiant glow.
Safe To use
Due to the Russian Volume lashes' low weight, these lashes are a safer choice for your
natural lashes. Because they have less weight and pressure on your lashes, they are less
likely to harm your follicles or remove any lash hairs. It's much easier on you!

Dark Full Lashes

Russian Volume lashes are long and thick, giving them natural darkness that makes it
appear like you're wearing a full set of mascara at all times. You'll never have to worry about
looking unkempt for work, coming home, or on a date again, thanks to Russian Volume's
length and thickness.


For anyone wary of getting out of bed, brushing their lashes, applying mascara, and curling
them each morning, Russian Volume may save you hours every week in the time it takes to
prepare. You can now go to the gym and know that you look good while still taking a shower
and returning to work without dealing with the makeup process.

Save Money

Every month, women spend an abnormal amount of money on cosmetics. Even if the lashes
are expensive upfront, over time, saving on mascara, curlers, curl gel, and even eyeliner will
add up significantly. It's a one-time expenditure that works with any budget. Yes, it truly
saves money.

Russian Volume Eyelashes Procedure

The average time it takes to apply a complete set of lashes is two hours. You may fall asleep
during the procedure after you've gotten used to having them applied. There's no pain or
discomfort during the application procedure.
The lashes should last four to six weeks before they need to be refilled. Many individuals are
curious about whether or not they should get them wet. It is good not to get them wet for the
first 24 hours since the glue needs time to cure fully. You may then get them damp, and they
should remain intact.
Many individuals take greater care when showering to keep them on for longer. It's not a
good idea to rub your eyes since this might cause your lashes to come off.

Tips When Booking A Russian Volume Eyelash

● The lightness of the lashes and less adhesive than previously used versions make
them gentler on your natural lashes, making them a better choice for patients with
sensitive eyes. Russian Volume Lashes are less damaging to your natural eyelashes
than classic lash extensions because they are lighter in weight and use less
adhesive. It's critical that you choose a specialist who has experience applying these

● You may not receive desirable outcomes if you choose a business or individual with a
poor reputation or are new to the procedure. Ask the shop or technician how long
they've been performing the treatments. You might also ask your friends for
recommendations for a competent service professional. Keep in mind that until you
discover someone with whom you are happy.
● It is not advisable to visit low-cost salons to get your new lashes put on. Because
they will endure for 4 to 6 weeks, anticipate paying for a decent job. Some
businesses that provide the service may have discounts or coupons to help you out.
● The initial application is the most expensive, but subsequent fill-ins are less costly, so
keep up with them to avoid starting from the beginning. You won't want to be without
your new lashes once you've gotten used to them. When it comes to women and eye
makeup, most individuals claim they feel naked without their lashes.

Difference between Classic Lash Extensions & Russian

Volume Extensions
Individual lash extensions have been applied to one natural lash in a single individual. When
the Russian Volume technique is used, the lash artist applies several extensions to each
natural lash, fanning them out so that they appear to emerge from one point.
The actual thickness of the lash extensions determines how many lashes may be employed
in a fan or bouquet. The general guideline is that the thinner or lighter the lash extension, the
more it can be used in a single fan.

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