All you need to know about lash fills

Doing fills are very important for your lashing business. This is basically where a lash artist’s main income comes from since clients who truly love your lash work will always make them come back to you for a fill. As this is quite a steady source of income for your business, you as a lash artist should be completely knowledgeable about lash fills. In this article, we’ll share pretty much all the important things you need to know about fills, as well as the ideal eyelash extension supplies you’ll need for it.

Taking out all the grown-out/old lashes

This is one of the basics when doing fills. And while completely taking out all the old/grown-out lashes is quite an obvious part of the process, it can still be overlooked by some. Leaving some attached would mess up with the length and the flow of the lash fan. To perfect your fills, start with clean lashes free from the old eyelash extensions.

Removing all grown out lashes with the most efficient technique

Many lash techs use removers to remove the grown out lashes for lash fills. While this is also effective in a way, we would like to suggest doing the banana peel technique instead. The banana peel method may require a bit of more effort and time, but this technique will also be beneficial for the adherence and retention of the lash fills. It’s because some removers tend to leave residues on the lash which will greatly affect the retention of the lashes.

When to know when a client needs a lash fill?

As a rule of thumb, your client should be at 40% for you to work on her fills. It shouldn’t be any less than this, otherwise, it will already be a full set. This is why carefully assessing your client’s lash condition first is very important before carrying on with the fills. Never promise your clients a fill without taking a look at the lashes first because you may end up doing a full set for the price of a lash fill. It’ll be unethical to inform your client in the midst of the procedure that she’ll need to pay more because it’s “no longer a fill”. If you’re still not sure what 40% should look like, you may refer to this video.

The importance of using the best eyelash extension glue

As mentioned earlier, lash fills can give you a steady stream of income so you need to make sure you always give it your best! Along with skills that can be achieved through continuous practice, you should also consider that you have the best eyelash extension supplies for your client. Lash fills rely greatly on an efficient eyelash extension glue for it’ll be the main thing to ensure the bond and retention of the fills. If you’re based in Toronto looking for lash extension supplies, you can check our Infinite Bond for a lash glue that holds strong but has very low fumes.

Get to know your client’s growth cycles

Every client is different so while lash extensions usually last around 3 weeks, some clients grow their lashes so fast that they would start needing fills in just 2 weeks! This is why you need to pay extra attention to learning your client’s growth cycles. This way, you’ll know how long their lashes actually last on them and so you can properly suggest the right timing on when to come back for fills.

Offer a lash bath when necessary

It’s crucial that you make sure you work on clean lashes when giving fills because this may substantially affect lash retention. Thoroughly assess your client’s lashes and if you think it’s too dirty, don’t hesitate to suggest giving her a lash bath. You can use a primer or witch hazel to dry up excess oils. Lash baths usually take an extra 15 to 20 minutes so make sure to let your client know.

Look at your timing

Fills can run from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the client’s last state (i.e. how many natural lashes they have, how long their lash line is, etc.). You have to be very thorough with your fills so the timing is very important. It shouldn’t be rushed, otherwise, you’ll end up disappointing your client. Amazing fills will be the reason why your client will keep on coming back so you want to make sure that they’ll be very satisfied with their lash fills.

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