Best Eyelash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

Finding the best lashes for hooded eyes can be a daunting task. There are many different styles, shapes, and lengths to choose from. This blog post will help you figure out what lash style will work best with your eye shape and lifestyle. We'll cover everything from which brands make the best natural-looking ones to how you should care for them for maximum longevity!


So first off, what exactly are hooded eyes?

The brow bone lifts the skin on the eyelid, which droops down from the brow bone to the lash line and is known as hooded eyes. While some people think that having hooded eyes is unusual, many individuals have this eye form.

The easiest way to determine this eye form is to see whether you have an additional layer of skin that droops over the eye crease if you have hooded eyes. This makes the eyes appear smaller. Having hooded eyes makes applying and styling makeup more difficult since the excess skin covers up everything put on top of it, and any lashes applied can look heavy.


 How To Find The Right False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

Determining the shape of your eyes might be challenging, but understanding your eye form will assist you in selecting a suitable lash for your eye. The first step is to look in the mirror and analyze your overall eye profile.

Then, do a self-evaluation, using the criteria below:

  • Is the lens of the whole iris (the colored part around the pupil) or just a portion thereof obscured by the eyelid?
  • Consider how much space is between your eyes on the sides and whether they slope upwards at the sides.
  • Finally, check the crease of your eyelid for visibility when your eyes are open.

The process of finding your eye shape and then selecting the perfect false lashes is a lot simpler than it might appear. Choosing the finest falsies might be difficult because many options are available, especially if you have hooded eyes. Therefore, below are the best eyelashes for hooded eyes.


What are the Best Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes?

If you use false eyelashes, be sure to get the proper size since excessively long lashes are often too large and hefty for hooded eyes. Shorter, more natural-looking fake eyelashes will not overpower the eye region while adding definition to your face.

Take a look at the following, which contains a list of and explains the finest false eyelashes for hooded eyes, to assist you in selecting the best ones:


Flowrish Lashes - L Curl

The L curl is used for many sets, but its primary role is to assist in the lifting and improving mono lids. The L curl's distinctive form allows for a strong bond while sharply elevating the eye to give it an instant appearance.


You can go crazy with L curl lashes because it allows you to be innovative with your arrangements. Expand your creative potential by including an L curl into each of your compositions to help them stand out and add more individuality. Use an L curl to provide texture, depth, or a distinct style.

Extremely gentle, with a deep, heavy velvet finish that is not tested on animals. They are also vegan-friendly and non-toxic. Because of their length and thickness, they take only a few seconds to fan out when you're done applying them. The curl is also effortless to spread!


Flowrish Lashes - ROSE VOLUME M CURL 0.05

Another lash that is ideal for hooded eyes is the rose volume M Curl lashes.


This is for clients who want a precise shape and enjoy those sultry fox eyes. Don't be fooled: an M curl can do a lot more than a fox eye. Create your style and experience the difference with textures when you add them. This variety curls into your normal sets, giving it a diverse note.


Best Eyelashes For Almond Eyes

Queen Beyonce has almond eyes, which are somewhat pointed at the extremities and have a wider center where the curve of the iris is concealed by the upper and lower lids. Almond eyes are associated with an oval face shape, so most lash styles look fantastic on them.



To fit precisely on the upside of your client's natural lashes, Flowrish has a beautifully tapered Tulip Flat lash. These gorgeous lashes have an ellipsed base for an easy bond that lasts and are the softest classics you'll find anywhere.


Best Eyelashes for Rounded Eyes

Round eyes are characterized by their circular form, which appears more extensive and prominent on the face. If you have round eyes, you'll be able to see around the inside of your eye's whites. In comparison to other eye types, which are generally pulled inward or outward, you will observe the inner and outer corners of the eye.




The Rose Volume Lash is a lightweight, natural-looking prosthetic that mimics your client's natural lash line. With an ultra-black finish to eliminate any blue tinge and thick, soft curls, these lashes will undoubtedly cause a stir in the eyelash industry.


Choosing the proper eyelashes for your eye shape is critical since the wrong ones might make your eyes look sunken while also providing an eye-opening and brightening effect. Wispy, natural-looking lashes that are longer in the outer corners are ideal for round eyes, as they will help to elongate the eye.


Lashes are essential parts of any makeup look, but it can be challenging to find ones that work well with the hooded eye. But now you know how to make hooded eyes more attractive and have all of the expert lash recommendations. You may now go out and get the ideal eyelashes for your eye shape.


At Flowrish, we want to give you the chance to shine while still offering excellent eyelash extension goods at a reasonable price. We're not simply a beauty marketplace; we're also a company providing service and education to lash professionals to improve their craft efficiently.


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