Blending your Lash Business into the ‘New Normal’

We’ve been through a lot these past few months due to the global spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Small businesses took the toughest hit, just like us in the beauty field of eyelash extensions. Good thing, we have learned how to make the most of our time as lash techs in our previous blog post: Ways to Perfect your Lash Portfolio at Home during Quarantine.

The pandemic truly brought in many changes in the routines we used to do. Now that businesses are slowly starting to reopen, there will be many new rules and precautions that we need to implement in order to maintain the safety of our clients, as well as ourselves. As we blend to the “New Normal”, what are the things we need to know and consider before getting back to our business operations?

Booking appointments post-pandemic

This is just a list of general precautions one should take before reopening a business. However, it’s still ideal to note that laws may differ from state to state. Before considering to reopen, make sure you get the proper information from the government so you can comply with the state’s rules completely.

  • Materials you should prepare on your end
  1. Face Masks – You should wear a face mask at all times. In addition, you should also require your clients to wear a mask inside your studio, too. In times that the client has forgotten to bring/wear a mask, you should also have a box of masks ready in your office to provide your clients.
  2. Hand Sanitizers – Place a hand sanitizer in a pump or spray bottle upon your entrance door and inside your lash studio. This is for both you and the client.
  3. Disinfectants – Provide different disinfectants for your tools, furniture and room. For instance, you may use antibacterial wipes for your tools, 70% ethyl alcohol for your lash bed, and aerosol disinfectant for the entire room.
  4. Face Shields – Since providing eyelash extensions require close contact, the lash tech should gear up for extra protection. Aside from wearing a mask, it’s also ideal to wear an acrylic face shield.
  5. Disposable Gloves – Wear a pair before carrying on with the session. Make sure you change your gloves for every client.
  • Informing your clients on what safety precautions they should take.
  1. Let your clients know via email or thru social media post that you won’t be taking walk-in clients. All appointments should be booked beforehand. This is to control the number of clients visiting your studio at a time.
  2. It’s also more practical if your client will bring her own blanket just in case she gets chilly.
  3. Brief your clients on what safety measures you’re taking to ensure their safety. You may send this via email or through a social media post.
  • Things you need to do before, during and after the eyelash extension session.
  1. Purchasing extra tools to use just in case you don’t have time to disinfect all your tools in between every lash session.
  2. Take social distancing seriously. Accept only one client inside the studio at a time. It’s wise to make the client wait outside first and then let her in after the previous client has left.
  3. Always make sure to properly disinfect in between clients. Before letting the next client in, allot extra time for you to fully clean and disinfect your tools and area first.

More tips to make your Home/Office Setup safer

Before you start your eyelash extension session with your client, encourage her to use the bathroom first before their appointment. This will reduce the risk of possible contamination as using the bathroom during session involves touching the sink, flush, etc.

As much as possible, you should also have your clients enter through a separate entrance such as a side door or garage/back door entrance to minimize contact with other clients. 

Giving more attention to mental health

Reopening your lash business, knowing that everything won’t be the same as before, can absolutely be worrying. Adjusting into the new norm will take time. As you take these steps for safety purposes, you will be doing more things that will require extra effort and this can bring stress not only physically, but also mentally. Take one step at a time, and always remember to not rush things.

As for your clients, it’s also important to make them feel safe. Brief them all the information they need to know before booking an appointment, and like what we have mentioned earlier, assure them that you are also doing your part for their safety. This way, their mental health is also well taken care of as their minds would feel at ease whenever they’d like to book for a session.

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