Differentiating Your Volume Sets

Amplifying the volume of eyelashes is truly a beauty game-changer for many. It adds more depth to the eyes by giving the natural lashes a more luscious look. Volume lash sets are quite in-demand, especially to those who seek a bit of more drama to their lashes. As lash techs, creating volume sets is deemed as a basic mandatory in your portfolio. However, working on different volumes can totally be challenging as you may face several factors that can make or break your volume sets. In this post, we’d like to give you some tips on how you can differentiate different types of volume sets to give your clients satisfaction.

Rules to Live By when Dealing with Volume Sets

Before diving into the deeper details of giving your volume sets much better variation, there are a few rules that all lash techs should live by when it comes to working with volumes. These rules would make it easier for you to work on your volume fans a diversify them.

  1. The thicker the lash, the darker the fan
  2. The wider the fan, the denser the set
  3. The lighter the lash, the more lashes you can fit in a fan

Making Show-stopping Volume Lash Fans

Creating volume sets requires more art and skill as you will be working on attaching multiple lash extensions to each natural lash. This can be tricky, as this process may lead up to very unnatural looking lashes. This is why considering the strength of your client’s natural lashes is quite significant as this will help you assess if the natural lash can carry a bit of extra weight. Without doing so, this may end up being very uncomfortable to your client.

Something that some artists struggle with is having hybrids come out too dramatic and looking like volumes or having volumes come out like mega volumes. That being said, the key to a light volume is using a heavier lash to create smaller fans.

When working on a client with a lot of natural lashes, there are times that it may come out more dramatic than you intend. This is why we’d like to emphasize that you should never skip natural lashes! We suggest you try using much smaller fans to scale back the drama and create some space in the set.

Using the Best Lash Supplies to Increase Efficiency

Working on volume sets with different variations would surely require lashes of different types. This means you need to stock your station with multiple weights! In order to create gorgeous full fans, always have .3, .5 and .7s for volumes. This will definitely give you the option to customize your sets so much more! It is very important that you have quality lashes and equipment to work with. In Canada, you can find Toronto lash supplies that’d be perfect in creating a variety of different volume sets, like lighter lashes and stronghold glue. The key is to do proper brand research to make sure you end up with a supplier that understands your lashing needs from an expert lash professional’s perspective.


Avoid Overdoing Your Volume Sets

There are so many types of volumes you can get based on drama, length, density and style and it sure is exciting to experiment with your volume sets to give your client an instant, dramatic look. However, without the proper skill, practice and quality lashes, you may end up with unnatural and overwhelming-looking cluster lashes. If you use pre-glued ones, the tendency is that it’s not specifically designed to match the strength of the client’s natural lashes. If you try to add too many bigger fans, you will fill the lash line in too much and create a super dense look that will give off a mega volume look!

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