implementing diversity and inclusivity
as a lash artist
As lash artists, we can sometimes get caught up in the norm of cat eye, mega volume lashes: in this blog we will be educating you how to be a diverse lash artist, to appeal to allpotentialclients as well as inclusivity.
When we say insusive we mean: catering for clients of all ages, race, skin types, ethics and impairments. This blog was inspired by @milarosebirmingham who is a fabulous lash artist and educator from Birmingham in the UK.

Do you cater for clients of all ages?

The average age of a lash client is 18-34 years old and you might be indirectly pushing your older clients away! But how?

A lot of mature men/women have thinner natural lashes and sometimes their skin can 'droop'.

Can you show your followers/clientele that you know how to handle this? By using shorter lengths, using smaller diameters, using a lesser curl and smaller fans.

Create a post welcoming 'mature clientele' and show your audience you know exactly what you're doing.


Do you cater for clients of all races?

If not, take on board that everyone's different, their hair type, natural lash type etc..

Understanding that people of different races have different eye shapes is important: monolid eye shape, hooded eyes are common amongst the Asian community and they require specific curls and lengths for bomb retention and to look great, check out a helpful blog here: Determining Eye Shapes

Also catering for all skin types and understanding that their natural lashes vary in coarseness, thickness, shape and length.

Advertise that you cater to clients of all races on your socials by showcasing how you can accentuate their natural lashes.


Do you have any clients with hearing or sight impairments?

If not, are you showing that you can cater for this?

According to the HLAA 20% of individuals in the U.S. has some form of hearing loss and approximately 8% of the US population have visual impairments.

Invest in a basic sign language course, use a touch on the shoulder as an indicator that you're finished: create a plan between you and find what works for you both!

By this we're getting more at health and diet. For example veganism and Halal food.

Do you offer refreshments at your salon? If so, are they available for all of your clients to have? Are they gluten free, vegan, Halal certified?

All of these elements will be appreciated by your clientele and inclusive to all.

Are your products Vegan? All of our lash supplies are Vegan certified and free from animal testing.

Make an Instagram post about your products being Vegan and your refreshments being applicable to all of your clients, they'll thank you later. 

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