Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extension Glue

One of the most important essentials that a lash tech should have is a reliable eyelash extension glue. As you complete your eyelash extension kit, you may wonder what kind of eyelash extension glue should efficiently equip you to deliver full satisfaction to your customers.

Here are important factors you need to know and consider when choosing the right eyelash extension glue.

Who should be using Eyelash Extension Glue?

Eyelash Extension glue is very different from the strip lash glue that many of us know. It has different formulations and properties meant to serve different purposes. For eyelash extension glues, this is meant to be used by professionals only as it requires proper handling and usage. Using eyelash extension glue isn’t similar to regular cosmetic glue so consumers without proper training aren’t supposed to use it by themselves.

Safety Precautions that you need to consider

Eyelash extension glue features stronger ingredients to ensure optimum and prolonged adherence. It is formulated to form an efficient bond between the extension and the natural eyelash up until the natural lash sheds.

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For clients with sensitive eyes, you should also get an eyelash extension glue with a mild formulation to ensure the comfort and safety of your client. However, milder eyelash extension glues are bound to have short-term retention. It is also important to note that the smell of lash glue is unavoidable in both gentle glues as well as strong ones so the scent does not really determine the strength of the glue’s formula. But you can assure your clients that the smell is just temporary and the scent of a high-quality eyelash extension glue should fade quickly.

Lash glue is made up of mostly cyanoacrylate and is a polar molecule. With this said, all things that encounter lashes such as liner and shadow should be sure to not have polar molecules. Cyanoacrylate is an adhesive component that’s essential to strengthening the hold of the eyelash extension glue.

There are eyelash extension glues sold for very cheap prices, but as a professional lash tech, you have to be very vigilant when it comes to this. There are glues that have ingredients that may habor the risk of cancer. For instance, some low-quality glues have Formaldehyde. This is a very dangerous ingredient both for the client and the lash tech as well.

Optimizing the lasting effect of your eyelash extension glue

Adhesive does not dry, it cures. Drying refers to air-drying wet glue and adhesive, reaches its maximum bond by drawing moisture from the air once it’s applied to the natural lash. Because of this, humidity definitely plays a major role when it comes to increasing the adherence and lasting power of the eyelash extension glue. 50-55% humidity is ideal to have your lashes adhere faster allowing you to lash faster and more efficiently. Here’s some pro tip, have a humidifier in your lash room! This will add moisture in the air and keep your lash glue at optimal bonding temperature.

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