Eyelash Diameters and Thickness- How To Maintain Healthy Natural Lashes

In this blog you will learn about the diameters of eyelash extensions, their maximum allowance per fan and how to distinguish a healthy lash.

Most popular diameters for Volumes:

  • 0.03 - usually for mega volume or weak lashes
  • 0.05 - most popular diameter used for most clients
  • 0.07 - for healthy lashes
  • 0.10 - should be avoided in volume sets

Most popular diameters for Classics:

  • 0.15 - for most clients
  • 0.20 - for very healthy lashes
  • 0.25 - should be avoided for ALL lashes

It is easy to distinguish between a healthy, unhealthy and baby lash. Below is a photo of natural lashes, you can lash Catagen, Telogens but NEVER Anagen- they are the baby lashes and are very brittle and fragile.

Mega volume sets are becoming increasingly popular and are widely misunderstood by lash artists- 0.03 should be used for mega volume, purely for the lightness of the lashes and the density of the set. Mega volume looks can also be done by using 0.05 and 0.07 BUT theres a very fine line in-between a healthy and damaged natural lash. Classics should only ever be used 1:1 ratio, anything else can be extremely fatal for lash health.

Volume fan limits:

  • 0.03- 20 max D per fan
  • 0.05- 8 max D per fan
  • 0.07- 5 max D per fan 

Do you struggle with knowing what you can and cant use? The general rule is to not go above 2mm of the natural lashes, we do not stock any longer than 16mm as we thrive, as a company, on good lash health.

If you have any questions or need advice, email us on info@flowrishlashes.com or DM us on socials @flowrishlashes / @flowrishlashestraining💕

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  • Vanesa Barajas

    What is the best advice to give a client that comes to you with unhealthy damaged lashes.. Do you teach them how to get them back to healthy first? Or be mindful of the diameter and volume of lashes you use? Help please thank you

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