When your body reacts to a foreign substance.

REMEMBER: your client can be allergic to certain components in the pads, tape, pre/post products; not just the lash adhesive!

can a reaction be prevented?

In some ways yes, in other ways, no.
REMEMBER: if your client is allergic to cyanoacrylate- they're unable to get their eyelashes done, it's that simple! If it's a carbon black allergy- try a clear glue.
But if they're allergic to the pads/tape, swap this for an alternative. If it's the pre or post treatment, skip this step.

what does a reaction look like?

If you think your client is having a reaction, ask them for photos or if they can come in- then advise them to go to the doctor.

Never ever advise medication, try avoid using remover as this could further the irritation. Try banana peeling the lashes off instead!

REMEMBER: A reaction can happen at ANY time, with ANY client.

irritation causes

  1. Chemical burn from the pad/tape
  2. Hay fever
  3. Picking or pulling
  4. Fumes from the glue
  5. Poor placement/isolation
  6. Not following correct aftercare

how to prevent irritation:

  1. Ensure throughout the appointment the pad/tape isn't rubbing on your clients eyes
  2. Hay fever and lashes = irritation, the pollen/allergens will cause further irritation on your clients eyes- they need to make an informed decision on whether to take a break from lashes or proceed with caution. (NEVER ADVISE YOUR CLIENTS TO TAKE ANY FORM OF MEDICATION, THIS IS A DOCTORS JOB)
  3. If your clients pick or pull on their lashes, they need to be told the risks involved, if they don't- make a decision to keep them as a client or not
  4. Cover a coin with tape and place on the clients eyelid to reduce flickering, avoid taping the lashes back if this is causing irritation
  5. One of the main causes of irritation, focus on perfecting these
  6. Always educate your clients on aftercare, daily cleansing and brushing
You can also use super bonder or a nano-mister to increase glue curing time.
Try using super bonder on your glue dots too, this erases further fumes from your presence.

what does chemical burn look like?

This is quite common and can happen for many reasons, advise your client that it should go away within a few days and to visit a pharmacy in the meantime for something to ease.

If it doesn't go within a couple of days, advise a doctors visit. Also check for styes or other causes- it could be another issue that arose before or after the lashes were applied.

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