How to Book Your Lash Clients

So after getting certified, the next step to your lashing venture would be booking your clients. Once you advertise your services through social media, it’s only natural that inquiries will start flowing in. But now that potential clients asked you to book them, what’s next? Here are some of the pointers that can help you how to book your clients effectively.

Use a Booking App

This will be one of the main cores of your lashing career. There are a number of booking apps you can use for free such as Squarespace and Fresha. It’s true that booking apps can sometimes be intimidating, as it reveals your calendar to everybody. And of course, when you’re just starting, you may not have much on your calendar which may give the impression that you’re not a pro or that you’re not good at what you do. However, that’s totally not the case! Potential clients don’t usually see it that way – some don’t even notice!

Just go ahead and create an account! This will help you have an organized calendar of appointments. Believe us, booking apps will make your lashing business much easier and more organized.

Build a relationship through the first inquiry

Once you receive a message from a client who wants to book, don’t make the mistake of giving your address right away. This is a huge no-no, especially if your lash studio is at home! You wouldn’t want a random stranger to know where you live, would you? Instead, build a rapport first by simply starting a conversation first like “Hey, how are you?”, “What kind of lash service are you looking for?”, etc. This will not only build a relationship between you and the potential client, but also a great way to make them comfortable with you. Remember, relationships make loyal clients; and loyal clients will give you a steady income.

But what if you got some not-so-nice DMs/inquiries? Well, that may feel a bit off but that doesn’t mean you have to completely shun them. Texts and digital messages don’t have a tone to them so it may only just because the clients are very upfront about what they want. It’s up to you to gauge whether you should take such a client or not, but it won’t hurt to give them a friendly and professional response.

Do a simple background check

This doesn’t mean that you need to do some sort of investigation! What we meant by this is for you, the lash artist, to make sure you understand what the client wants prior to the booking itself. To do so, you need to ask them about their eyelash extensions history, if it’s their first time or not. You may also ask them about what sets do they usually go for. This way, you can carefully gauge the client’s needs and prepare for it before the appointment.

Also, make sure to them about everything they need to know before starting the session. Things like the duration of the session, and things to expect during and after the extensions are important factors the client needs to know.

Always be organized with your bookings

If you’re also taking bookings via other means (IG, Facebook, or text message), then make sure your bookings from there and from your booking app don’t overlap. There are times when you may easily overlook such incidents so it’s ideal to keep your booking calendar updated. Update it as soon as you get a confirmed booking.

Ask for a deposit to confirm the appointment

Making the potential client pay a deposit will help you determine if the client is really serious about getting your service or not. This will efficiently filter out your clients as the ones who have paid a deposit would most likely continue with the booking and actually show up. Don’t be hesitant to ask for a deposit because it will save you from so much headache in the long run. It’ll minimize no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Follow-up a few days before the day of the booking

Make it a habit to give your clients a gentle reminder days before their confirmed booking. You can do so via a text message for it to have a more personal and professional touch to it. In addition, this is also the proper time for you to give your studio’s exact address. Around 2 days before the booking would do.

Overall, the key to a successful booking is for you to always start with building a relationship with your potential client. This will help make the client comfortable as such friendly conversations can definitely build up trust.

Here’s a more detailed video straight from the experiences of a professional lash artist.

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