How to deal with Back Pain as a Lash Tech

Whether you’re just starting or already been pioneering in the field of lash artistry, you surely may have experienced back pains. It’s no surprise that back pain would be something very common that most lash techs struggle about. All those long hours of steady posture, leaning and immense focus can surely lead to back pain, and in worse cases – back injury.

While it’s quite normal to have back pains from time to time, you have to know that there are many things you can do to prevent it as much as possible. There may be things that you always do that you may have missed which actually contributes to your back pain dilemma. In this article, we’ll guide you through 5 tips you can do to deal with back pain as a lash tech.

Invest in a great quality lash bed

There is a wide variety of lash beds out there and they may look pretty much similar at one glance. However, not all of them feature great quality that would suit you and your client’s needs. Go for something that will make your client comfortable, because that way, you’ll get her in proper position and therefore reduce the amount you have to bend and strain your back. Your lash bed should be flexible enough for you to customize its height depending on your client.

Switch your chair to one with back support

It’s very common to see standard stools with no backrest in many lash salons these days. Some say it’s cheaper and that it saves more space but that’s not true at all! You can definitely find a chair with a back support for almost the same value and you will definitely notice a huge difference if you opt for this. A chair with a back support would allow you to lean back whenever you feel like pressure is starting to build up in your back area. This way, you can instantly relieve stress on your back whenever you need to.

Get yourself a back massager

A back massager isn’t luxury, but a necessity for a lash artist. Working on eyelash extensions for a number of clients can surely be tiring overall and a back massager can be a very relaxing option to help relieve your back from stress. You may choose to invest on a full chair massager if you have a bit of extra to spare, but of course, there are a lot of more affordable options that would also do the trick! There are smaller back massagers that you can easily bring wherever you go and this is what we would recommend too. Using this once or twice a week would definitely help ease the pain and keep your back from aching.

Include some stretching into your pre-lashing routine

As mentioned earlier, lashing takes so much focus and effort. Leaning and keeping your posture still in order to apply the lashes perfectly would totally take your muscles into some serious work! To prep your muscles for a long day of lashing (most especially in your back area), warm your muscles up with some simple stretching. This will not only prep your muscles up for the work, but also helps you maintain proper posture.

Strengthen your core by working out

This is the most important thing you can do to prevent back pain. Working out will strengthen your muscles, allowing them to endure longer hours of stress. Go for exercises that focus on strengthening your core such as planking and hanging knee raise. Such workout exercises will also contribute in improving your posture, hence reducing pressure on your back. This is a very effective way with long-term results that will prevent your back from getting strained.


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