How to deal with Red Eyes on clients

Seeing your client with red eyes right after her lashing session can be a dreadful sight. It can cause quite a scare and may easily get associated with “infection” or “allergy”. It’s quite normal for you and your client to be alarmed about this. While it’s never ideal to have your clients get red eyes after the session, it’s definitely possible for you to encounter this once in a while. There are a number of factors why your client walks out of your lash studio with red eyes. In this blog post, we’ll dive into these causes and discuss how to avoid them.

Factor #1: Incorrect under eye pad placement

This is definitely one of the most common causes of red eyes. This is something that most lash artists tend to not notice that they’re actually doing it wrong! As part of our lash training, we’re taught to place the pads right under the lash line or on the lash line. However, if you place the pads too close to the lash line, the pads will move up a bit when the client closes their eyes. This is where the problem lies. Imagine those pads getting in contact with your client’s eyes and actually scraping them! 

How to avoid it: Always remember to place the pads a bit lower while still making sure the bottom lashes are properly pulled down.

Factor #2: Adhesive with very strong fumes

One common misconception about lash adhesives is that it’s “normal” for a glue to have very strong fumes because it means that its bond is “stronger”. That’s a huge no-no! Lash adhesives that contain very strong ingredients like formaldehyde or latex are very dangerous not only to your client, but also to you as well. These types of glues aren’t cosmetic grade so they can be very harmful to the eyes and the health.

How to avoid it: Learn about your lash adhesive’s ingredients. Spending a bit of more time researching the ingredients of what goes into your glue won’t hurt. There are premium cosmetic-grade lash adhesives that have very low fumes while giving great retention.

Factor #3: Client’s eyes not closed

The client may or may not be doing this on purpose but either way, not totally closing their eyes will lead to redness. There are clients who constantly look at their phones during a session while others just can’t fully close them out of habit. So as the lash artist, you need to make sure that their eyes are fully closed so that the fumes from the glue won’t find their way into the eyes. This is regardless of whether you are using a glue with high or low fumes.

How to avoid it: Reiterate to your client the importance of closing their eyes all throughout the lashing session. If the client really needs to open her eyes, tell her to let you know so that you can properly untape her eyes. On the other hand, if the client subconsciously couldn’t fully close their eyes, you can use the simple “dime trick”. Just place a dime on their lids and gently tape it there to help keep their eyes closed all throughout the session.

Factor #4: Stickies

Stickies can be a really annoying problem. Of course, you’d never want to do this on purpose but there are times that it’ll just happen. When some of the top lashes get stuck with the bottom lashes, there may be pieces of lash extensions that will hang or dangle right in the middle of your client’s eyes. As these constantly poke the eyes, then it will definitely cause irritation leading to red eyes.

How to avoid it: Check the lashes very carefully first. Take a look at the lash placements before letting your client open her eyes.

Factor #5: Cheap Products

It’s normal for us lash artists to make sure we save some bucks as much as possible. But being practical and cost-efficient is different from settling for something below standard. Some lash artists are tempted to go for lash products and tools that are dirt cheap just to save them some extra bucks. But believe us, it’s not worth it! Chances are, these cheap and substandard products may even just cost you more in the long run!

How to avoid it: Never compromise quality when it comes to your lashing tools and products. Do some research on what’s best in the market and invest in them if you think they’ll serve you and your clients well.

Factor #6: Unhygienic Tools

This is a serious factor right here! Being unhygienic with the tools you use for lashing will definitely lead straight to red eyes – or even worse. It’s unacceptable to use products or tools without properly sanitizing them. Tools like tweezers and acrylic tiles are should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before reusing them. Meanwhile, products like glue rings and mascara wands are disposable so of course, NEVER ever reuse them!

How to avoid it: Make it a habit to have a regular cleansing routine for all your lashing tools. Cleaning also involves disinfecting so make sure you have the right cleaning solutions for these. Never cut corners when it comes to hygiene because ignoring such safety measures can lead to serious harm.

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