How to Gain MORE Clients

There are hundreds of tips online about how to get clients. But if you’re at a point in your lashing business wherein you do already get a decent amount of clients, then the question you might think of is “How to get MORE clients”. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips that you probably haven’t heard of before.

Social Opportunities

There are so many social opportunities you can totally take advantage of to help you gain more clients. This basically means that you have to maximize all the social connections you have. Under this, there are three major social opportunities that can definitely lead you to get more clients. These are:

  • Family and friends – your biggest supporters will mostly come from your circle of family and friends. Let them know about your business or offer to get their lashes done by you and they’d surely talk about you!
  • Your connections from different industries – if you know people who work in specific industries like nurses, PR personnel, or even students, then you maximize these connections by offering them your service. Let’s say you did your client’s lash who’s a nurse and works in a hospital, there’s a big possibility that her colleagues would notice. They would then ask where your client got it from and the roads would lead back to you!
  • Starting your conversations yourself – when the opportunity arises when you have the chance to talk about your business and profession, then jump right onto it! When someone asks questions that can possibly lead to lashing, then take it as a chance to educate them about lashing.

Marketing your business through these social opportunities won’t really cost you at all, for it takes the classic “word of mouth” marketing strategy. All you have to do is to inform as many people as possible of what you do as a lash artist!

Having Lashes Yourself

Advertise your work by flaunting your own beautiful lashes! Nobody else can represent your brand better than you, yourself! Wear your lashes with confidence and chances are, people will just randomly approach you and ask you where you got your lashes done. This now becomes a great an opportunity for you to promote your work. Start a friendly conversation and make sure to share them your social media accounts so they’ll know where to reach you. Even if they won’t get the lashes themselves, there’s a great chance that they’ll tell their family and friends about you.

Ask your most recent happy clients for referrals

Clients that are very happy and satisfied with your work won’t hesitate to refer you to their circle. But of course, don’t expect them to give referrals automatically because there are times when the clients haven’t really thought about it! Don’t sit back and wait for the referrals to pour in. Take the step forward and ask them for referrals. Your clients would love to give you referrals just because you asked them to for the reason that they’re genuinely happy with your work and service.

Contact your lost clients

Being an independent lash artist, you’re surely bound to get fully booked at some point and this will lead you to lose some potential clients. However, turning some of them down due to lack of slots doesn’t mean that they’re gone forever. When your schedule gets less hectic, then you can always go back and reach out to these clients to offer them a booking. Of course, you wouldn’t want to make them feel as if you’re just contacting them because you don’t have any clients as of the moment. So be sure to make them feel like they’re a priority and that you’d love to do their lashes.

Emphasize on your strong points

Think about your unique skills and make sure to highlight that. Every lash artist has a specific specialty and that specialty would be your strong point. Maximize that by always mentioning it to your social media posts. Surely, there will be potential clients out there that are looking for your special skill set. Now, that creates your target market!

We hope these tips helped you out! If you’d like to hear more from a lash artist’s personal experience, watch the video below:

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