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fanning on the strip

Another great way to fan lashes. Some people struggle with this technique and this can be due to too much pressure being applied to the lashes, poor tweezer grip and lack of knowledge.

It comes easily when you get to grips of it, a great way to fan if you isolate before fanning too as you only need one hand to make these fans.

It’s also more hygienic as no fingers are involved touching the lashes. If you find you need to pinch them once you have picked them up thats absolutely fine: whatever works for you.

pinching method

A classic way to fan lashes, using your thumb and middle/index fingers whilst losing pressure from your tweezers to create a perfect fan.

PSA: don't expect your fans to be symmetrical, as long as the base is thin you're good to go! Unlike a classic set, there is room for error- we're not saying there should be but we can't always fan perfectly.

shimmy method

One of the quickest ways to fan. Most people struggle with this method but with a pair of great tweezers paired with soft lashes, they will fan effortlessly.

You can use any tweezers for this method too, if you have tried in the past and can't seem to do it, maybe try a new pair of tweezers and try brushing your lashes before you fan.