How to Increase your Lashing Speed

Lashing is an art that requires a lot of skill. And just like any masterpiece, eyelash extensions are also not meant to be rushed. It’s a luxury service after all, so this service naturally takes some time to carry out. But of course as a lash artist, increasing your lashing speed can also be very beneficial for both you and your client. Increasing your working speed doesn’t mean you have to rush it. Instead, this blog post will dive into really quick and easy tips you can do to slash some time off your lashing.

Practice as much as you can

This may sound like a cliché already but there’s no better way to improve your lashing speed than to continuously practice. Practicing will help you get a hang of which techniques work and don’t work for you. While practicing your lashing on mannequins is great, live models would be much better for this will allow you to be more flexible according to the individual’s lash type and preferences.

Place your lash strips on your hand and use a glue ring

Doing so will be much quicker and more efficient for you. It basically cuts time since you won’t have to do much movements, unlike when you always have to reach out to your tray or table to pick the lashes up and apply glue. By having your lash strips on your hand, as well as your glue ring, you can just easily go for the “Grab, dip and apply” technique.

Go for tapes instead of under eye lash pads

Under eye lash pads are most commonly used by many lash techs. While it’s also quite effective to use, it takes more time to work with as you have to always adjust the pads to fit the lashes. Instead of pads, we recommend using tapes for they are more stable and efficient. No need to always remove, adjust and apply the pads over and over. It also eliminates discomfort and watering on the client’s eyes.

Be organized with your tools

Well, it’ll sure take huge chunks of time working in a messy space! Imagine the struggle of having to always look for certain stuff you need just because one thing is piled after the other. Having all your eyelash extension supplies neatly organized would mean everything! Have a tray near you and neatly line all the stuff you need up where you can easily see and get them. This way, it’ll also be much easier to see the lengths/info of the lashes you need.

Work around your movements when talking to clients

Of course, part of the job is to make sure your clients feel comfortable during the session and a bit of chit-chat won’t hurt. As you continue to work on your pace, you’ll soon learn how to work around your client’s movements as they talk. However, when you get to the more difficult areas that require focus, you may want to minimize talking to make sure you don’t get distracted.

Do the difficult lashes first

Speaking of difficult lashes, it’s much better to work on them first prior to going for the easier ones. The inner corners are trickier is it’s ideal to work on them first. This way, you won’t end up spending so much time on the easier lashes. After the inner corners, we recommend you work on the outer corners next, then finally, the center. Work lash by lash on alternate eyes to ensure uniformity. This also increases precision to make sure you miss no lash.

We hope you find these tips helpful in order to increase your lashing speed. Let us know if you have more tips to add!

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