How to prep your client

Prepping your client is the next step after consultation. After laying out all the options for your client, it’s now time to make sure she understands the process. This applies most especially to your new clients and first-timers. Prepping may sound like a simple step but being able to properly prep your client will determine how the entire lashing process will be for her. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some tips and eyelash extension supplies recommendations on how to properly prep your client.

First, Brush the client’s lashes

This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s important to do this right because it will help the client be at ease. Using a spoolie, gently brush your client’s lashes to remove mild residues that may hinder the adherence of the extensions. This is also a great way to give the client an idea of how the process would feel like. Some clients, especially first-timers, tend to get a bit jumpy when they feel a certain object touches their lids. Prepping them by brushing is one way to prevent your client from feeling this.

Second, Tape the lashes

Taping the lashes will prevent having the bottom lashes stuck. Make sure to let your clients know why this is needed so that they won’t feel uncomfortable about it. Taping also prevents stickies but there are instances that it may still occur. For your client to not be alarmed with this, just walk them through the process so they would at least know what to expect.

Third, Cleanse and Prime

Cleansing and priming are important parts of the prep. Lashes are very prone to dirt too so cleansing is needed to make sure you work on a clean ‘canvas’. In addition, dust residues and excess oil will greatly affect the adherence of the eyelash extensions and that can ruin everything for you and your client. This is where high-quality eyelash extension supplies come in so that you can do the process more efficiently. If you’re looking for lash supplies in Mississauga or online, you can easily find cost-effective tools here.

Always check on your client

As you carry on with applying the lashes, you always have to check on your client. Does she feel comfortable? Is she feeling any discomfort? Does she need anything to feel more at ease? Questions like so would help you have an idea of how the client feels. Some clients may be a bit more sensitive than usual so this is something you should consider as a lash artist.

Prepping is all about making your client comfortable through conversations

Always explain the process and possibilities to your client before and during the process. Building up a conversation is an important part of the prep. There are times that some clients may be quick to blame you when they felt like you missed out on something. But when you explain the important details that your client needs to know, this reduces the possibility of disappointing her. Letting your client know why you’re doing what you’re doing assures them that you’re an expert in your field. Doing so will make them feel confident and at ease. Most importantly, talking to your client will help build that relationship that would make her want to always come back.

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