How to Price your Eyelash Extension Services Reasonably

Pricing your lash services is always a tricky subject to talk about but it’s definitely something you need to clearly dive in early into the business. There will be many different factors to consider when it comes to pricing your eyelash extension services and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Fret no more, for we will thoroughly guide you out on how to effectively price your lashes for both you and your clientele’s benefit.

Research about the price range in your area.

Do your research on how much the pricing is in the lash market. Narrow your research down by focusing on your area only at first. How much are the professional lash techs charging? The salons? Home studios? Generally, you have to know where your price range should play. Of course with this said, you should also consider that most lash professionals set their price points according to their skills so you can’t just simply copy what the others are charging. Assess yourself and see the true value of what you can offer.  

Set a reasonable price

“Reasonable” is quite a tricky term but you surely can come up with what a reasonable price range is going to be like if you did your research well. Be careful not to price too low because it will devalue your work. A price that’s too cheap may give the impression that you’re using and offering low-quality products. Remember that pricing will set up expectations so it’s ideal for you to start in the middle. Another thing to take in consideration is to think about how far you want to increase in the future. Don’t go for huge price jumps because this may upset your clients.

Remember to set a price range that would attract the right clients.

If your price is too low, there’s a bigger tendency that you’d attract clients who wouldn’t want to pay more. Those clients are the ones not really taking quality into great consideration, but rather just searching for the cheapest place that can get their lashes done. These clients won’t stick with you for so long.

Take your time and equipment into account

How many hours does it take for you to finish a lashing session? How much do you actually spend for the eyelash extension supplies you will use? These two are very important questions you need to ask yourself in order for you to make sure that you’re not losing rather than earning. As for the time, it’ll be much more efficient for you if you can wrap up a session faster. You can definitely increase your lashing speed without compromising the quality of your work!  You can read more about it here. As for the products and equipment you’ll use for your lashing, simply divide and take into account how much products are you using for each client. In addition to this, it’ll be more efficient if you’ll invest wisely in your equipment. Here in Toronto, best eyelash extension supplies are easy to find if you’ll research for brands and companies run by lash professionals themselves.

Be confident in your pricing

To be confident in your pricing is to fully trust your craft. In order for you to be completely confident with your pricing, you really need to decide on it carefully. You can’t just simply go for a price in the beginning then change it over and over whenever you feel the need to! Pricing also requires consistency because this way, your clients will know that you’re reliable and that they can trust you.

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