How To Set Boundaries with Clients...

Setting clear policies

To run a successful business, you MUST have clear policies about every little detail:

  • Your late/no show policies
  • Cancellation policies
  • COVID-19 policies
  • Infill policies
  • Patch tests/consultations

Ec cetra... if you set these clear from the start your clients will understand the way you run your business! Put them on your Instagram highlight or pin them to the top of your Facebook page, as long as they are accessible for your clients/potential clientele they can access them at any point and relay your policies.

Saying NO!

If you need to say no to your clients, don't feel bad for doing so, especially if they have let you down in the past. Now we're not saying that they couldn't find childcare or that they really did forget, but last minute cancellations can have a huge impact on your business.

If a client has no showed/cancelled last minute you more than once, you are fully within your rights to decline them service.

Theres soooo many things you can say no too- last minutre fitting in, free fixes, longer lengths, lash mapping, booking clients in. Its your business, you have to wear the trousers and make your own rules- if you struggle with saying no to clients heres a post that may help you on what to say.

Don't give into pressure

We have all had a no show client who comes at you with "My sisters boyfriends dads unles cat died..." and sometimes, that aint cutting it sis..

Some clients will try and guilt trip you into allowing them to re book/visit you, its your responsibility to impliment your policies and ensure they don't let you down. If you are seen as an easy target, people will mess you around and try to take the lead. If you don't wish for a client to come to you then simply block them from booking on your booking app or if you don't use one heres some example of what you can say:

  • "I don't think I am the right lash artist for you"

  • "I can recommend another tech in the area"

  • "Unfortunately I do not have the availability to accommodate your needs"

Be honest

Being honest is one of the best attributes you can have as a business owner, being dishonest is not a trait you want to be known for as it can give you and your business as bad name, for example; You're on a day off and a client messages you "Hey girl, any chance of a mini fill today I'm going away this weekend and need them to be fresh?"  If you don't wish to work on your days off, be honest and say "Hey! I actually have the day off today and I am not taking any appointments, heres my next availibility xxx"  

Another example: someone is having retention issues and it's becoming a regular thing to get free fixes etc, if you know it's not you that is the issue and you have exhausted your options, simply let them know they are not a good candidate for eyelash extensions and recomend something they can do instead, e.g stop picking, let them grow, try a lift anf tint etc.

Don't reply out of working hours

Lets be real, being a lash artist isn't a 9-5 Mon-Fri, for most of us anyway.

But try your best to switch off when you're not working BUT if you have the day off and can't seem to unwind, try writing a list of tasks that you need to do and tasks that have been done so you can refer back to this list when you're back to work.

Replying to messages on social media: do you reply straight away or wait until you are within your working hours? We would love to know, leave a comment below!

Don't work late nights to suit your clients if it is wearing you out, the key to a successful business owner is being refreshed, well hydrated and well slept, period.

Relay your policies

We felt like we had to slip this one in again to highlight the importance of implimenting your policies and stepping up with your business head.

If you feel like a client is over stepping boundaries then kindly send them your policies when they re book, or send them a document with your policies and have them sign it so you can relay this info back to them at a later date.

Having your clients sign consultation forms, policy forms, booking forms etc ensures you have solid proof that they have adknowleged your policies. We put have in italics as we are aware a lot of people sign on the dotted line without reading what they are signing, so popping your policies on your socials and linking them to this is also a great thing to do.


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