how to speed up lashing

How to speed up lashing time... Ugh, the dreaded question with many answers "How much longer until we're done?" "Are we nearly finished?" "How long does it take?" welllll, this is a question with many answers. The faster you lash, the more clients you can book in which results in more $$$. There is nothing better than a client leaving happy and content, and they absolutely will be when their appointment isn;t 4 hours long and their natural lash health isn't compromised.

Switch out your isolation tweezers for new ones

If you're currently using straight isolation tweezers, maybe tried curved or 45° tweezers (or vice versa) to see if the angle of your wrists/hands are any better. Sometimes using a certain shaped tweezer can compromise the health of your wrists and this is not what we need!

You should always have a pair of great isolation tweezers, as well as ensuring you're isolating correctly! Try a new pair and see if this helps.

Sharp tips are also a life saver as you can get right into the lashes you want easily!

Having trouble isolating takes more time per set.

use a quicker drying glue

If you're using a 2-3 second glue for example, and you find that it's drying too slowly, you're getting stickies, your glue is going gloopy then sis, it's time to switch to a quicker curing glue OR a glue that suits your room conditions correctly!

You definitely need a hygrometer to determine your rooms conditions, without it you can buy adhesives that are not suited to your needs which = a loss of profit, not good!

If you're using a 1-2 or 0.5-1 second adhesive and you find you're getting pop offs, poor retention, one eye loosing more lashes than the other- then you need a slower curing glue OR a glue suited to your room,

Pulling stickies apart, changing your glue dot often, isolating for longer than you should all result in time adding up.

swap your under eye pads with tape

All lash artists work differently, some use tape and pads, some just use one or the other. And this is fine! What works for you, works for you. But if it isn't working, switch up your game girl! 

Try just using one if you use both, or using both if you use one! A downfall of under eye pads are that sometimes they slip around and lift up the outer/inner corners of your clients lashes, which results in your job being harder and maybe even discomfort for your client! You want your client to be as comfortable as possible so ensure your placement is 10/10.

Having to adjust your tape/pads during lashing accumulates time.

ensure you have great lighting

There is nothing worse than not being able to see your clients natural lashes properly, so using great lighting can help increase your lashing time! It also ensures you can see what you're doing properly and allows you to rectify any mistakes made.

Bright lightening will speed up your lashing time, it's a missed but important factor!

Tape up the lashes

Taping up your clients natural lashes/extensions can expose un-lashed lashes which makes placement a lot easier and a quicker lashing time, but be careful that your clients eyes are not opened or exposed to the glue fumes.

Also make sure you're using tape that unsticks from the extensions easily without pulling them off or ripping out their natural lashes! We recommend micropore tape.

Taping up lashes will change your lash game, period!

invest in a lash tile

If you're doing a set and take out a strip of lashes per what size you're using, you are potentially wasting time! Having a lash tile on your lash station can help you lash faster- you can put all the lengths you're going to use for that set all in one and the sizes are right there in front of you. No more opening and closing trays, sticking strips on your clients forehead or struggling to know where your products are!

PSA: we don't sell lash tiles... yet ;)

eliminate talking as much as possible

I mean, we love a chit chat with our clients, we love building rapport with them and chatting about life, BUUTTT this can add so much time onto your appointments, especially if their face moves when they talk.. this can result in the tape/pads riding up and possibly rubbing on their eyes (and taking time to readjust)

As well as their eyes flickering which makes placement super hard!

Invest in lip masks, politely ask your clients, put on their preferred playlist or even a podcast to occupy them!

Talking a lot will lengthen your appointments.

invest in premade or promade fans

We love a premade fan, they're the best! If you find fanning and making your own fans hard, then what's stopping you from investing in a product that can speed up your time and making a higher profit?

There is nothing wrong with using pre/promade fans, they can significantly change the way you lash and make you a better lash artist!

Using premades can decrease your lash time if you struggle with hand making fans.

We hope this blog can help aid you to speed up your lashing times! If you have any other points we would love to hear from you, you can email us on and DM us on Instagram @flowrishlashes

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