How to stay connected with your clients amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

We’re living in very tough times and as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to soar, our daily lives are constantly disrupted – including those who run businesses. For us lash techs, our work and services are done either at a salon or at home. But neither of the two doesn’t really work at this point as we all try our best to keep our distances to stop the spread. So, how are you supposed to keep your eyelash extension business alive in the midst of Covid-19?  Stay connected. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to do this.

Focus on creating relevant content online

Without physical contact, your only means of work and connection would be online. Since your customers are most probably at home too during the quarantine period, they are most likely online as well. Just because everything is shut down, that doesn’t mean that your online content should suffer too. Take advantage of the time people spend online these days and create quality and relevant content.

Think of timely and interesting posts that will get your customers engaged. Whether it be on social media or your official website, you can use these platforms to help educate and inform people about what your company is all about. 

Keep your customers updated

It’s important to keep your clients on the loop on what’s going on in your company. When things get back on track, you have already established a solid relationship with those who have been following your brand. This will put you ahead of your competitors as your followers and clients will surely have you in their minds because you constantly update them.

There two things to update them about. First, update them on what your company is currently up to, like what products and services are you perfecting during this period. Second, let your followers know what you’re currently doing to help deal with Covid-19. May it be donation campaign your company is doing or sharing simple reminders to prevent the spread – it’s also a nice way to update your customers. However, this is not to boast or anything, but more about encouraging your followers to do their part in this battle too.

Increase social media engagement and talk to your clients

There’s a tendency that your clients will forget you if you don’t keep in touch with them during your business’ long absence. This is why whenever you post something on your social media, make sure you always reply to their comments and messages. You can also create polls to have them engaged. Ask your clients about their previous experience with your business, what they like about it and what they would like you to improve. It’s getting them engaged while also evaluating your business. You’re hitting two birds with one stone here!

Another way to stay connected to your clients is to reach out to them by sending simple messages. This especially applies to your returning clients (as strangers may find this a bit creepy). You can wish them and their families safety during these tough times. Make it a bit more personal by sending brief emails asking them how they’re doing.

Create interesting special offers that your clients can claim after the situation is over

Getting everything back to normal may take some time, but we sure will get through this global dilemma soon. Once things are back to normal, you sure would like to show your customers that you remember them and that you value them. A good tactic is to set up promotional offers and specials that past and potential customers can redeem once this situation is over. It’s a great way to give them something to look forward to once the situation is over.

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