how to store your lash glue

always use a glue storage container

You're probably wondering why this little container is so important...

Airtight containers help regulate the temperature of your glue and the sealing buckles will dehumidify and seal the dry air out: lengthening the longevity of your adhesive.. keeping your glue fresher for longer and saving you money in the long run.

Should glue be kept at a certain temperature when not in use?

When not in use, your lash adhesive should be kept at room temperature!

When exposed to too much oxygen/heat, the components in the glue start to break down: resulting in poor retention and shortens the life of your adhesive.

Keep the bottle upright, ensuring the nozzle will not get clogged, using a container prolongs the life of your adhesive by limiting the exposure to moisture as well as saving you money.

Your glue is exposed to little oxygen when sealed, also the darkness within will help regulate the temperature.

Do I need to keep anything else in there, or just the glue?

You can include silica packs and dry rice to absorb any present moisture, but it's not a necessity! Avoid any other products being in your container.

Should i keep my glue in the fridge?

When unopened, you can keep your eyelash extension adhesive in the fridge to maintain a regular temperature for the glue. But if you don't wish to do that, keep your glue in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight.

When you have opened your adhesive, NEVER put it back in the fridge. The fluctuation in temperature can cause moisture to build up inside the bottle which will break down the glue components, resulting in poor retention and a lesser shelf life.

what's the shelf life of my adhesive?

It's down to your supplier, Flowrish Eyelash Glue have a shelf life of: 6 months unopened and 3 months opened.

Always replace your glue when it has passed its "shelf life". If your glue becomes gloopy or stringy within this time, it could be due to the adhesive being too hot or too cold!

Don't resort to binning it straight away, bring it back to room temperature and see if this helps!