Must-Have Eye Lash Supplies

Lash supplies you need

When you think of the perfect lash kit, what comes to mind? Do you think
about a variety of different lash styles and shapes? Do you think of a set that
is complete with everything needed for application and removal? Perhaps it's
something more specific, like a vegan or cruelty-free option. Whatever your
needs are, we're going to discuss every lash supply you need for the perfect
lash extensions!
We've put up a comprehensive list of the characteristics of the most important
eyelash extension goods so that you can make an informed decision about
what's suitable for you and your consumers.

Lash Tweezers

Tweezers are required equipment for lash application. To perform a lash
service, you'll need two pairs of tweezers. Why? The isolation tweezers, the
first pair of tweezers, are used to "isolate" each natural eyelash before
applying mascara so that the makeup sits neatly on top.
This means that after you pick your natural lash, no additional natural lash or
extension will be able to attach to it. Isolation tweezers are used to select the
natural lash of your choice for a perfect application. They are designed to be
ergonomically comfortable.
The next pair of tweezers you'll need is lash tweezers. This means that you'll
be able to use isolation tweezers in one hand and lashing tweezers in the
other. The lash extensions are picked up and applied with the use of these
lash tweezers. Tweezers come in various shapes and sizes, with straight
tweezers for standard lashes and L-shaped or curved tweezers for volume

Tweezer Collection 

Lash Tweezer Cleaner

This is a must-have product. Don't get caught in the middle of your routine
with sticky tweezers, and goodbye to soaking hard glue out for hours. Flowrish
tweezer cleaner is designed to clean your tweezers while you're on the go after
any glue comes into contact with it.
Dip the sponge in water once or twice, then firmly grip the sponge within to
remove any excess glue for dried glue removal. Allow resting for a few
minutes in the bottle before rubbing it gently against the sponge to scrape off
any remaining glue. This cleanser is designed to clean your tools without
causing any damage thoroughly.

Spotless Pro Tweezer Cleaner

High-Quality Lashes

Well duh! Every service requires eyelash extensions, and they are something
you will want to invest in. Clients will notice if you go cheap with them, and
some may not appreciate it! Invest in some high-quality lashes that can
maintain their curl while appearing natural. Lucky for you, Flowrish lashes
create lash sets in various volumes to keep the integrity of every client's
lashes - no matter how thin or short their natural lashes may be.

Lash collection 

Eyelash Glue

Now, the thing that will keep everything in place is the actual glue! An essential
aspect of each service is most likely adhesives. It's critical to your career to
discover an adhesive you can trust. Make sure you have a decent adhesive on
hand for each service, research your options, and make sure you have
dependable glue available.
The Flowrish Infinite Bond has been designed and developed by Flowrish labs
to be both effective and safe to use, eliminating the need for you to choose
between them. This ground-breaking composition prevents moisture or sweat
from damaging your customer's natural lash integrity while providing
long-lasting coverage. The Flowrish Infinite Bond is made especially for storing
and removing Flowrish lashes without causing harm or discomfort.

Infinite Bond Eyelash Glue 

Eyelash Glue Remover

Once you start lashing, you'll need a remover, but it isn't required for every
service. In situations where a customer walks in with terrible lash work
(meaning their lashes are severely messed up), having it on hand can be
beneficial. Some people may visit for various reasons and want their lashes
removed. Check out our amazing adhesive wipe below!

Eye Pads

Eye pads will make the appointment much more enjoyable for your customer.
And girl, the comfort of your client is the most important thing! Eye pads will
also guarantee that all of those tiny bottom lashes stay tucked and safe.

Under Eye Pads 

Lash Tile & Crystal Stones

A lash tile will assist you in staying organized by providing easy access to your
lashes while also keeping track of what is where. It's the answer to "Where do I
put my adhesive?" It'll keep your adhesive fresh for longer and maintain the
temperature stable.

Jade Stones

Nano Misters

Adhesives become hard when moist air enters the material. This is where your
Nano Mister comes in handy. A mist will be dispersed by this gadget, helping
your adhesive to dry faster and keeping your retention rates higher than ever

Nano misters accelerate the curing process and reduce the window of time
allowed for "drying," from 24-48 hours to 4-10 hours! They're pretty nifty and a
great addition to your eyelash supplies!
Lucky for you, Flowrish stocks one of the best nano misters. Read more about
the features below:
● Rechargeable USB cable for easy use
● Unique, sleek design made for comfort between the client and lash
● Compact and portable for easy storage and transport
This ultra-fine mist is not only a memorable touch to your service, but its
cooling properties reduce the risk of irritation by calming the eyes down from
any lingering fumes, itchiness, or burning sensations.
It is the ideal way to end a session leaving a lasting impression on your client
and their experience with you.

Nano Mister


If you're still looking for the perfect lash supplies, be sure to take a look at all
of our products. We've covered every option imaginable and will make it easier
than ever before to find your ideal product! You can also contact us if you have
any questions or need help finding what's suitable for you.

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