Perfecting your eyelash sets with our Custom Lash Chart

Every lash tech and client will definitely have different versions of the “perfect” lash set. The best way to fully understand one’s eyelash extension preference is to allow both the lash tech and client to have complete freedom in designing their set. This is the main purpose of our very new product – your very own custom lash chart.

So what exactly is a lash chart and how can this be quite beneficial for both the client and lash tech? Here’s everything you need to know.

How does the Lash Chart work?

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Our lash chart is the ultimate tool for the lash tech and client to perfectly customize their lash set. As clients would only know the image of the lashes they’d like to get, this lash chart will teach them so much more about the technicalities of eyelash extensions from a professional’s perspective. The lash chart will lay out all the options for the client to choose from; making it easier to understand her exact preferences. It serves as a visual aid that explains the difference between weight, length and curl for the client to have a more concrete idea of what she’s like to get.

The lash chart is literally a 3D visual that you can touch! With this mentioned, your client can get a feel of the actual lashes and therefore easily determine why something may or may not work. No need to play the guessing game with your client as you can now get a more accurate understanding of the look the client wants to go for.

Increase client satisfaction by using the eyelash extension chart

Another main goal of our lash chart is to build the relationship between the lash tech and the client. Not only does this make a nice addition to your lash room, it’s also a conversational piece that will get your clients even more engaged. Clients love being a part of the experience and this alone can definitely increase their satisfaction.

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Giving clients control on their lash set also lets them have a clear expectation of what they could potentially get. At the same time, it’s also a great way for the lash tech to carefully visualize what lash set would suit best for the client.

Once the client is fully satisfied with the results of her lashes with the help of the lash chart, it’s most likely possible that she’ll return again to get them done. Our lash chart will also serve as a tool to efficiently record the client’s preferences – all you gotta do is mark down the ones they have in their set! Very hassle-free, right? 

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