Preparing your Lash Business during the Holidays

Preparing your Lash Business during the Holidays

It’s that time of the year! Here we are doing our usual routines and here we are, about to bid 2021 goodbye. And so as the year begins to wrap, it’s also the time when businesses are way busier than ever! A lot of your clients, old and new, are going to want to look festive for the holidays and that includes having their lashes done.

So as a lash business, how are you supposed to prepare for the upcoming holiday rush? In this blog post, we’ll give you a quick guide to help you prevent chaos as bookings rush in during the holidays.

Load up on your products and supplies

Holidays would mean more clients. More clients would mean you’ll need to stock up on your supplies. It’s ideal to project this beforehand so you won’t run out on supplies and get your bookings affected. When we say “load up” on supplies, this does not mean to overstock. You are the only one who perfectly understands the flow of your clients so make sure you carefully estimate how much supplies you need to purchase to cater to all your bookings.

Feature your lash style recommendations fit for the season

Of course, the right lash style would vary in every client – but it won’t also hurt if you help them decide which ones to go for by putting up your own “Holiday Style Picks”. It will help your clients narrow their choices down in case they deem quite undecided on which style suits the holidays. In addition to this, promoting your holiday style picks can also potentially attract new clients by making them feel like they can look gorgeous and picture-perfect for their series of holiday events.

Organize your bookings

This is very important because maximizing the efficiency of your time would make a huge difference. As it is expected that you will have more clients than usual for the holiday season, your schedule will definitely become more hectic. A fully jampacked schedule could be difficult and may end up too draining for you. Lashing requires too much work due to its nature of being so detailed. When you’re too exhausted, this can definitely affect the outcome of your work. So to prep for the holidays, properly organize your bookings by making sure you still have enough time in between clients to eat and clean the area.

Require a reasonable amount of deposit from your clients

Time holds so much value in the lash industry. During the holiday season when more clients rush in, there’s no room for canceled bookings. Last-minute cancellations are not just rude, but it also equates to a lost sale – and that’s not okay! One way to prevent this is to ask for a deposit or a downpayment from the client, most especially if they are new ones. When they know they’ve already paid a part of the sum for the lash service, there’s a very slim chance that they’ll cancel their booking. In terms of asking for a downpayment, just make sure you require a reasonable price both for you and the client. Deposits may vary from one lash artist to another, so if you’re not very sure on how much to charge, you can do a bit of research on how much deposit lash artists around your area charge.

Don’t overwork and give yourself your much-needed holiday

The holidays can definitely bring lots of business opportunities and profit to make your lash business grow. However, don’t forget that this season is not just about the business rush, but also about you. You also need that time off to relax and spend time with your loved ones. So despite your busier work schedule, you should still take specific dates to work half-day or maybe not take clients at all. If you’re taking just one or two clients for a specific holiday, you should also make sure that they don’t show up late. Sending them a message hours before their appointment to serve as a gentle reminder won’t hurt! This will prevent them from showing up late for their lash appointment. That way, you won’t be working overtime!

Remember to take some time off and don’t overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion! By taking these simple tips into consideration, you’ll be able to get more clients while also enjoying the holidays yourself.


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