Pro Tips on How to Prevent Spring Lash Shedding

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Spring lash shedding may sound a bit strange to many. But for us professional lash techs, we do know that it actually exists! During fall and springtime, it can be quite noticeable how there seems to be more “hair fall” for our dear lashes. It may sound weird but it really happens a lot more often than many people think. This is also why more and more clients rush in during fall and spring season to have their lashes filled. In this brief blog post, we’ll discuss why spring lash shedding happens and what solutions can we offer our clients.

What causes lash shedding to happen?

The science behind hair loss is mainly about our body’s ability to renew and regenerate cells. Hair loss doesn’t only happen in the scalp, but for the rest of the body too – eyelashes included! Lash shedding involves hormones and environmental exposure. There’s more sunlight during the spring and fall season so this affects the process of hair shedding in an increasing manner. This isn’t something that should be alarming for this happens naturally. After all, one is most likely to grow just as much the amount of hair that was lost. However, growth won’t happen overnight for our dear lashes and there’s definitely a downtime for this. So how do we solve this?

Here are some efficient solutions for spring lash shedding:

As spring lash shedding is a natural occurrence that everyone experiences, there’s only so much one can do about it. With this said, there are ways to resolve this problem with your help as a professional lash tech. One of the fastest and most efficient solutions for this is through eyelash extensions.

  1. Educate your clients about this. It’s important that we, as lash techs, explain why lash shedding happens. This way, the clients will have better appreciation on why getting eyelash extensions can be very helpful for this particular lash shedding season.
  2. Try to book your clients earlier for fills. Of course, the extensions will naturally shed along with real lashes so it’s important to get your clients to book early and regularly for their lash fills. A 2 to 3 week interval is ideal to maintain the volume of the lashes.
  3. Advise your clients to avoid rubbing their eyes. It’s understandable how spring can irritate the eyes, hence attracting unnecessary rubbing a lot more often than usual. However, this will also aggravate the shedding so it’s best to avoid this.
  4. Emphasize the importance of proper cleansing in reducing lash shedding. This is a very important matter to take note of. Spring is a time that attracts more dirt buildup on the eye area due to pollen and plant residues spreading through the air. Use a gentle cleanser safe for the eyes and eyelash extensions to prevent irritation. Another easy tip you can give your client is to keep a clean lash wand handy for brushing the lashes from time to time.

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