• Flexibility to be home – you have access to everything you need and you can even do house chores in between clients. If you have kids, it’s also easier to manage your tasks since you have complete control of your space. No need to worry about forgetting your personal essentials or your lash supplies because they’re all right there!

  • Flexibility with time – just like the convenience of being at home, being home based gives you the freedom to fully manage your time. No workspace pressure so you’ll be able to work on your schedule at your own pace.

  • No commute – the hassle of the daily commute contributes to work stress and expenses. This is what you’re saving yourself from when you’re a home based lash artist. No need to drive to work, go through heavy traffic or take the jam packed public transport! Saves you a nice chunk of money to work from home, right?

  • No overhead cost – Working from home does have its own set of extra expenses as well, like electricity and other utility maintenance stuff. But one huge advantage is that there’s no overhead cost. You don’t need to worry about extra rental fees and complicated lease agreements.

  • Total creative freedom – you can be as creative as you want when you’re a home based lash artist! You can freely revamp your space and adjust things as how exactly you want them to be. This allows you to customize everything to represent your brand.

  • Working from home can easily be associated with comfort and ease- And while that statement is very true, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies being a home based lash artist. Now that we’ve covered the pros of being home based, let’s talk about the cons.


  • No walk-in clients – not that this is a major con, but this only means that you won’t have that extra source of getting clients. Being home based means you only get clients by appointment booking or through social media. This is why you need to step up your marketing game

  • Limited growth experience – once your lash business starts booming, you may think of getting another lash artist to help you cater to all your clients. However, this might be difficult if you work in a home studio. You only have a certain amount of space to work with which makes it a bit complicated to expand.

  • People don’t respect time – some people think you’re available any time of the day since you’re just at home. There are times when clients or potential clients don’t really understand the fact that you won’t accept bookings that are too early or too late. Of course, your working hours are definitely up to you and it’s definitely different with every lash artist.

  • People don’t take you seriously – this is most commonly encountered by many home based lash artists who are just starting. Some people think you’re not a legitimate business because you don’t have the traditional office setup.

  • Safety of work environment – you need to do the extra step of carefully filtering potential clients (technically, strangers) because you’re letting them into your house. Be more strict and diligent about this and don’t just give your home address to anyone.

  • Hard work-life balance – it can be difficult to differentiate home-life from work-life because you are in the same space. It’ll take some time and a lot of discipline for you to work around this work setup.

These are just factors you need to consider. There’s no right or wrong choice because it all goes down to the perfect choice that suits your personal preference and lifestyle.