So you're certified, now what?

It’s definitely expected that lots of questions run through your head especially right after you get your lash extension certification. What’s next after getting certified? Where and how do you start? These are just some of the questions we’ll cover in this blog.

Creating A social media platform

There are several social media platforms that you can start building your online presence in, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


One of the most popular visual social platforms with over 1 billion active users monthly. It’s definitely enough to convince you why you should set up your business account on IG.


Facebook is the most-accessed social media platform in the world and it has very efficient marketing tools to boost your business’ social media presence. You can use Facebook Ad's and post in groups


Tiktok has been around since 2016, but it became the fastest growing social media platform since 2020 when quarantine began. You can create short snappy videos and demo your work.

Feature the style of lashes you want to be known for. 

If you’re very confident about how well you do a particular lash style, then feature it! Highlight it in your posts so that potential clients who come across your social media page would easily remember your brand. 

What type of clients do you want to attract?

Create a simple marketing plan for your specific target market. You’d like to attract clients who are genuinely interested in lashes and are willing to pay a reasonable price for your good work. Apart from walk-ins from around your area, your potential clients could be from your social media pages or friend referrals.

host a giveaway

Giveaways have long been an effective marketing strategy over the years in order to get traction. However, as time went by, hosting giveaways showed a lot of loopholes that eventually turned out to be not beneficial for businesses at all.

  • Work on easy but efficient giveaway mechanics
  • Review your rules carefully to make sure the winners will be chosen fairly
  • Your prizes should be worth it!

The Bottomline 

Setting up a lash business is no piece of cake. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the information you may have heard and acquired during your lash training which can totally leave you confused after getting certified. But if you’ll take things one step at a time, with proper research and professional guidance, the first steps towards establishing your lash career would go smoothly.

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