what are fiber tip tweezers?

So we all know the importance of a great tweezer when we're lashing, but what are these new 'fiber tip' tweezers and why are they the new craze? Let us tell you..

Fiber tip tweezers have ridges inside the neck of the pair of tweezers, essentially the whoooole neck of the tweezers is your sweet spot. With no gaps in the neck, these versatile tweezers are perfect for picking up lashes, with none left behind.

(If you struggle with gripping and finding the sweet spot, then these tweezers will be perfect for you!)

They're perfect for hand making fans- either pinching or fanning on the strip BUT they are multi-functional so can also be used for classic lashing and hybrid sets.

They can sometimes be a bit harder to clean BUT don't let the ridges put you off, these are paired perfectly with a tweezer cleaner.

But what is the difference between fiber tip and standard tweezers?

Literally the ridges in the neck of the tweezer, the ridges. That's it!

Are they worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Especially if you're a beginner trying to master volume lashes. Also suitable for experts, they're an all around versatile tweezer.

Do we sell fiber tips?

We do.. and they launched on 11th April!

Fiber Tip TweezersFiber Tips Tweezers - Flowrish Lashes
Fiber Tip TweezersFiber Tips Tweezers - Flowrish Lashes
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