What's the difference between russian fans, pre made fans and promade fans?


Whats the difference?

There is so much speculation around the actual difference between these 3, Russian volume is the technique and pre/promade are what lashes are used.

A russian volume fan is a handmade fan, made at the time of the appointment, premade fans are fans made by a machine and promade fans are handmade fans created by professionals prior to the appointment- either by themselves or bought.

Russians and promade often get mixed up- promade lashes are also often mistakenly labeled as russians, due to them both being handmade fans. If they are made at the appointment they are russians, promade are made by professionals, whether that be another lash artist, a company or by the tech themselves. To be labeled ‘Russian Volume’ they must be made to order, when using Promade they should be advertised as Volume Lashes.

Premade vs promade

Premade fans are mass made by a machine to look the same, they are bonded with either heat or a small amount of lash glue. Promade are made by hand and are bonded with lash glue.

What are the pros and cons of them all?


  • They are customisable for all clients
  • Easier to work in layers
  • Can create both narrow and wide fans
  • Can use wrap around technique for amazing retention
  • M ost cost efficient- tray wise
  • Can take longer due to hand making fans
  • Can add wisps and textures


  • They save time during your appointment if prepared beforehand.
  • More bookings as you can fit more people in
  • They are cheaper than premades
  • Same application as classics- so there’s no need to do volume training
  • You can get more clients in per day
  • If they come loose- they can be fiddly.
  • More expensive than handmade


  • They do not take as long as Russians
  • Same application as classics- so there’s no need to do volume training
  • You can get more clients in per day
  • They’re not as customisable as handmade fans
  • They’re not as cost efficient as volumes.
  • More expensive than handmade

What technique do you mostly use? They all have their pros and cons, and as long as they're performed correctly no natural lashes will be damaged and your sets will look bomb. If you have any questions or need advice, email us on info@flowrishlashes.com or DM us on socials @flowrishlashes / @flowrishlashestraining

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