When should you raise your lash prices?

This is one of the most important stages in your lashing career as this will play a major role in your business and in your personal growth as a pro lash artist. You can’t really stick to the same price from when you were just starting to the time when you have actually grown as a lash artist. But the question is – what signals when exactly should you do it? Here are 6 pointers you need to consider when it’s time to raise your lash prices.

Are you getting overbooked with clients?

You’re past the stage when you exert a lot of effort just to get clients. You already have a solid clientele and people already know you and the quality of your work. Now that clients are continuously flowing in, you need to carefully think about balancing your time for you not to burn yourself out. This is where the supply and demand principle comes in.

Getting overbooked with clients is one signal for you to raise your prices because this will help filter your clientele. When we say “filter”, this means you’ll now prioritize clients that are willing to pay more for the value of your work. Of course, raising your price may lose you some clients – and that’s okay! This will soon get balanced anyway once new clients who know your new (higher) prices will come to book you. The price equates to the quality of your work so choose clients who value your great work.

Have your skills improved?

Nobody else can assess the improvement of your skills better than yourself. As a lash artist who seeks growth, you know how much money, time, and effort you have put in just to improve your skills. Naturally, with your skills getting better, the quality of your work gets higher and just like what was previously mentioned in our first pointer, your price should equate to the quality of your work.

How much do your competitors charge?

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend so much time pressuring yourself by trying to match your competitors’ prices. Knowing how much other lash artists in your local area charge will help you understand the industry better. Do your research: join lash tech FB groups, browse through social media, or maybe ask around! You’ll surely find lots of different price points, but remember to make sure where you fit. Of course, veteran lash techs will charge differently compared to new ones. So make sure when you fit skill-wise. Low prices may give you more clients, but what you’ll get is quantity, not quality. Always go for clients who know the value of your work.

Do you offer something very unique?

If you know that you stand out on a particular aspect in lashing, then you can totally leverage that. For example, not all lash techs are good with strip lashes. If you know you’re incredibly good at it, then this means that you have something unique that others don’t have. Clients looking for great strip lashes will look for you because you’re a pro at it and that gives you a higher value.

Have you upgraded your lash supplies?

Of course, once you start investing more in upgrading the lash supplies you use for your clients, then your pricing should shoulder that too. Let your clients know that you’re upgrading and that they’re getting higher quality lashes with all the new, more expensive lash supplies you use. Clients who appreciate quality will deeply appreciate such upgrade! After all, not everybody invests extra on lash supplies!

Are you not able to grow as a lash artist because you’re tight on cash?

This is something very important that many of us tend to not notice. When it seems like there’s no extra funds left after paying your bills, then that’s a problem. This means you’re not able to maximize the capability of your lash business, so as a result, it’s not profiting as much as it can. This is one major signal that you should re-evaluate your pricing. Additionally, your price should also cover the marketing cost – from your ads to your promotional giveaways.

We hope this helped you out! To hear it straight from a lash tech’s personal experiences, watch the video below!

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