Why your Instagram isn’t growing

Instagram plays quite a huge factor in growing your business so it’s really important to understand how it works. It’s not just about gaining a huge number of followers – there’s definitely something more than that! If you want to fully optimize your Instagram account to help you grow as a brand, then we have a few tips for you to consider.

Know your optimal time to post

Depending on your location, time zone, and audience, there are several factors that can determine how much traffic your post is going to get. One thing to help you know what the best time to post is would be your IG’s insights. Under “Audience”, you should see a section that shows your most active times. This will give you a better view of which times don’t garner a lot of reach and engagement. For instance, not a lot of people are on Instagram at around 3am so it’s only natural to expect that not a lot of people will see your post if you publish at around this hour.

There’s also a higher chance that you’ll land on IG’s discovery page and reach more people if you publish your post at the best time. In our experience with our lash account, end of the week is the best time to post because it’s the time when most people just relax and scroll through their social media feeds. You can check our video below to see how you can also make a spreadsheet to track the reach and engagement of your posts at different time slots.

Increase engagement

We all know how engagement is always very important. But for this tip in particular, we’ll talk about your actual engagement rate. Knowing the specific numbers behind your engagement will definitely help you recognize your growth. You can also see these details on your Insights page in the “Content interactions” section. Knowing your engagement can help you identify which things you need to change, as well as what tactics work and what doesn’t. Remember that the more you engage with your audience, the more exposure you’ll bring to your brand.

Make sure that you are growing your following on Instagram.

When we say “grow your followers”, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a huge number of followers. This means that you have to make sure that you’re progressing and that your follower count isn’t stuck at some point. Of course, more followers would mean that your brand is being introduced to more people. This being said, you have to grow your followers for the right reasons. It’s not just about gaining followers for the sake of increasing your followers count otherwise, you’ll just get yourself bots and dead followers that will literally bring nothing to your business. It’s all about growing a healthy number of followers that actually engage and show interest in your brand.

Know your demographic

So you have all these followers, but how do you know what would pique their interests? This is exactly why knowing your demographic is very important because this is a way for you to know and understand your followers. This way, you would have a complete understanding of what you need to deliver to keep your followers/audience interested. Also, take note that you’re a local lash business so you’d also like your followers to be just around the area too. Having many followers from far places will not be as beneficial to your business since they can’t reach you anyway.

Your Instagram’s “Insights” page is definitely a great tool for you to have a better understanding of the growth of your account. You can easily tailor what methods can work for you because your insights tell you the exact information based on your specific audience. All you have to do it just really optimize it by considering these factors we listed.

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