Wide Fans vs. Narrow Fans in Eyelash Extensions

Creating lash fans requires patience and very close attention to detail as it is definitely a very complicated procedure. The outcome of the volume of the eyelash extensions largely depends on the proper placement of your fans. With this said, it’s quite important to consider the following factors in order to create a natural and symmetrical look.

  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Proper adherence to the natural lashes
  • Quality of lash supplies

While these factors are pretty straightforward in terms of its effect on the eyelash extension volume, how does a lash tech determine whether he/she should go for wide fans or narrow fans? How are they different, and which is better than the other?

Wide fans

Wide fans visibly give a fluffier look. One common misconception about a wide lash fan is that this can help amplify the volume of the eyelashes, giving the eyes a dolly look. It’s easy to take it that way and it may also give the eyes a more awake lift in an instant! However, wide fans may lack uniformity. This is why if the client doesn’t have much natural lashes to begin with, creating wide fans can look messy. A fan can be considered too wide if it’s 6mm or more as this will look unnatural and contradicting to the natural direction of the eyelashes.

Generally, wide fans are not very ideal especially for those with fewer natural lashes. It is because wide lash fans have a shorter stem, decreasing its adherence and retention. In addition to this, wide fans have a smaller bonding area which can easily pop off the natural eyelash faster.

Overall, wide fans will definitely have a shorter look. Some clients would think that a wide fan can quickly create an illusion of bigger eyes and fuller lashes, so it’s nice to explain this to your client using a visual chart as a reference.

Narrow Fans

Narrow fans are great for those with lots of natural lashes. This is the best option to go for if you are dealing with a client that has a lot of natural lashes because this will definitely give great density and darkness at the base and tip, making it more like the strip lash look. Compared to wide fans that have a short stem, narrow fans have longer stems that allow a larger bonding area for the lashes. Therefore, narrow fans provide better retention to the lash extensions.

Generally, narrow lash fans are more ideal but it’s also important to note that if a lash fan becomes too narrow, it may not give as much volume. With continuously persistent practice, you will definitely find a technique to help you master the right spacing in creating perfect narrow fans. Narrow fans will give the lashes a more voluminous and longer look.

Customizing your sets with wide fans and narrow fans

Sets can be customized based on how wide or narrow a fan is. The beauty of lashing is that it allows you to experiment with your looks by mix and matching. Certain strip lash looks can be achieved by alternating wide and narrow fans.

Choosing the right set of lash supplies for precise lash fans

Sets can be fully customized based on how wide or narrow a fan is. With this said, certain strip lash looks can be achieved by alternating wide and narrow fans. With this said, you will need a lot of practice and of course, the best quality of lash equipment that will allow you to have better customization control. It’s easy to find cheap ones anywhere online, but there’s a huge difference between tools that are of professional grade. If you’re based in Canada and you are looking for top quality Toronto lash supplies, there are brands created by lash experts themselves – those who truly see tools from a professional lash tech’s perspective. The key to perfecting your art lies both on skill and proper supplies. For instance, creating wide fans and narrow fans need not just a steady hand but also very efficient tweezers to ensure precision. Having the right tools will make practicing your lash sets more efficient.

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