Choosing Your Set With An Eyelash Extension Style Chart

Understanding the differences in the wide variety of eyelash extensions shouldn’t be very complex. Well, it is complex, but there’s a quick and easy way that can guide you on which ones should perfectly match your client – an Eyelash Chart.

As a lash tech who seeks to continuously master the craft, there are endless possibilities you can create to customize the lashes with the use of an eyelash extension style chart. From the length, thickness/volume to certain types of curls, the style should be according to what best suits your client. Remember, it’s never a one-size-fits-all matter. Crafting your lash sets means considering every facial and preferential aspect of the client. So what does an eyelash chart do? And how will it make things easier for you?

Making custom lashes much easier with our Eyelash Extension Style Chart

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Our eyelash chart is specifically designed to be a very simple and straightforward chart that serves as a visual for you and your clients. With this chart, the client can easily get a picture of what style she wants. This will also help you determine if the client’s preferences would really fit her from your professional perspective as a lash tech.

We use different types and variations of lashes to create the most unique and best-suited style of lash for each client. Our eyelash chart allows you, as a lash tech, as well as your clients to have full control and understanding of the specifics of the lash styles.

This eyelash extension style chart focuses on three main factors in terms of lash customizing – Types of Curls, Length and Thickness/Volume. In the following parts, you can definitely get a quick grasp of which style fits what features.

Types of Curls

Most clients would think that a curl is just “a curl” in singular kind. But for professional lash techs, there are different types of curl angles that would suit certain eye and face shapes. Different curls will work for different lashes and their natural curl and will allow you to control the drama of the set.

Prior to deciding which curl type suits your client best, it’s important to take note of the angle of the natural lashes. There are lashes with a straighter angle, an upward angle and a downward angle.

In reference of the eyelash curl chart, we have types: J,B,C,CC,D,DD,L,M

Types C and D are the most popular types of curls so it’s also ideal to stock them up in your eyelash extension supply. However, you must also note that sticking to the popular ones may limit your creativity. To give your clients a broader selection of styles, it’s nice to stock up a variety of different lash styles with different curls – from natural to dramatic! Here are the types that fall under a certain style category according to our eyelash extension curl chart:

  • Natural, subtle eyelashes – if the client wants to go for something simple for her everyday look, curl types J and B would be perfect for them.
  • Picture-perfect, dramatic eyelashes – for lashes that are red carpet ready, curl types C and D would be the perfect ones to go with more drama!

With greater curl comes shorter retention. This is something very important to take note of and tell your client. While each type of curl will last differently depending on the client’s natural eyelashes, it’s quite common for curlier lashes to lose their retention more easily due to weight. The key is to find the right combination of lashes that would balance out the weight to make the set last longer.


In reference of the eyelash length chart, the length can range from 5mm-20mm. Of course, the length of the extensions will be based on the client’s desired look although as a lash tech, we also need to explain how their desired length would affect the entire look. This is where our eyelash chart comes in real handy. This will help the client visualize her desired style.

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With the client’s desired style in mind, you can mix a variety of lengths to your set to create a certain effect that would flatter the client’s features.

  • Natural Look – 8mm
  • Open Eyes – 9mm to 11mm
  • Dramatic Cat Eye – 12mm to 15mm
  • Doll Eyes – 16mm to 20mm

Like what was mentioned earlier, the client sure has the freedom to choose her desired length. However, be sure to note and inform the client that certain lengths may not adhere properly to the natural lashes. In addition to this, the client’s eyelid type also plays a huge factor when it comes to choosing the right length. By going for the wrong length, the extensions may prematurely fall or look differently on the eyes.

Thickness and Volume

Thickness can change the look of your set but should be normally gauged by the health and strength of the natural eyelash. Some clients may have thin and sparse natural lashes which may not hold thicker extensions very well. Just like choosing the wrong length, a volume mismatch would lead to premature falling or unwanted droop.

For Thickness, we have different varieties (measured by diameter)  – 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20, 0.25. For easy reference for your clients, you may roughly explain which thickness or volume fits a classic and dramatic style.

  • Classic natural lashes – 0.03 to 0.07
  • Voluminous and dramatic lashes – 0.10 to 0.25

Overall, these variations can be used to create a very uniformed set depending on your client’s needs as well as their desired style. This in-depth chart not only refers to the style but also serves as an eyelash extension size chart. The beauty of having an eyelash chart is that it gives the client a closer image of the end result. By mixing different types of length, thickness and curl, you can achieve a vast variety of custom designs to give a more stylish and unique effect on your client’s eyes.

This can be showcased in many different ways to help your clients better understand what is being placed on them and why. Our eyelash extension style chart also allows for a chance for a discussion on what the differences are between variations and can help gauge what your client likes.

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