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A must have product. Don’t get caught in the middle of your set with sticky tweezers and say goodbye to soaking that hardened glue out for hours. This tweezer cleaner is formulated to clean your tweezers immediately once any type of glue touches it.

For wet glue dip once or twice and slightly grip the sponge inside to take off the excess glue. For dried glue. Leave in the bottle for a couple minutes and rub gently against the sponge just enough to scrape the dried glue off.

This cleaner is formulated to clean thoroughly with causing any discolouration to your tools.

Customer Reviews

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Good but

I liked this tweezer cleaner it works but for some reason, i would leave the little bottle in my acrylic drawer laying down and i noticed one day it was leaking out. I've never dropped it or broke it in anyway. Any time i have the bottle laying down it leaks out everywhere. Im left with like 5% of the bottle filled now and barely used it but it is good. Now i leave it standing up on my lash cart but if i take my lash things somewhere (I use a makeup suitcase) and it lays down it stays spilling. It could have been made better and i didnt really get my moneys worth since it just all came out. Most likely will buy from another shop next time or make my own since the ingredients aren't even all that crazy.

Hey Theresa,

Thank you for the review we are sorry you are not satisfied with your purchase. We don't recommend you lay the bottle on its side due to possible leakage, most liquids we sell we suggest to stand up on its bottom only, to prevent any leaking.

Please feel free to send us an email and we can provide you with a discount code should you purchase the Tweezer Cleaner again.

Flowrish Team xoxo

Catalina Russell

They fan like butter!! I loved the lashes

Missy R.
Love this stuff!!

Love this stuff!!

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